Shoot over the end of the game !! Manchester City exert exhaustion to beat Cheltenham 3-1, FA Cup battle

Phil Foden, Gabriel Jesus and Ferrant Torres beat each goal to help Manchester City turn the tide over a 3-1 win over Cheltenham after the home’s turn over. Take it first Successfully passed the next round In the FA Cup football game round 4

Football FA Cup Round 4

Cheltenham 1-3 Manchester City

Starting the first half, the 12th minute, City was almost in the lead when Mendy had a long, focused shot. From the left side of the penalty area The ball is coming in already. But there is a defensive line, the home defenders can narrowly stand on the header line

In the 18th minute, the great blue sailboat took the lead as Mendy passed the ball to the left backline. Before paying the deduction in front of the door and it was Torres who ran in to beat, but the home goalkeeper Griffiths still shot a great round off.

The home almost took the lead in the 23rd minute when Alfie May had the ball slipped into the left penalty area. Before deciding to immediately pull the trigger to shoot a narrow angle, but Zac Steffen still narrowed off the back.

Cheltenham 1-3 Manchester City

In 36 minutes, Manchester City, who have been attacking for a long time, have been able to win a shot from outside the box. Fernandinho But the ball slashed out again.

The end of the first half The game must be stopped for about 10 minutes due to the outside area. There was a firework setting, making a noise disturbing the competition.

First half Both teams are tied 0-0.

Back in the second half, 53rd minute, City’s lead again when Foden passed the ball through the box for Jesus to slip into the penalty area. And then tap one stroke. Before shooting away from Griffith’s hand, but the ball hit the base of the post and bounced off the back

GOAL … In the 59th minute it became Cheltenham who came to have a 1-0 lead when the Bentoser threw himself from the left side to the door The local players tackled the Manchester City defensive line before the ball bounced off in front of Alfi May, so he poked the ball into the net.

Cheltenham 1-3 Manchester City

After being brought up in the lead, Manchester City are aggressively attacking. Hope to rival But still unable to penetrate the Cheltenham defense that went down to pack the game tightly

In the 80th minute, City had a chance to get a shot from Shuu Kanzelo, but the ball was arched further back.

GOAL … One minute later, City had a 1-1 draw from the moment that Kancelo opened the ball from the right into the penalty area and it was a Foden that ran into it. Tung the ball into the net.

Cheltenham 1-3 Manchester City

GOAL … In the 84th minute, the Blues came to a 2-1 lead overtaken by a rhythm at Fernandinho. Put a long ball into the penalty area for Jesus to run off the trap, go offside and suck the ball down. Then turn the body to sweep the whole article Tung net

GOAL … During the injury period, City came to the goal, reinforcing a 3-1 victory from the moment Gündogan passed the ball from the backline to Torres pointing to the net.

Cheltenham 1-3 Manchester City

Time of the match, Manchester City turn the situation over, chasing the shot, win Cheltenham in the end of the game 3-1, qualify for the 5 FA Cup football battles.

List of 11 starting lineups

Cheltenham: Joshua Griffiths-Charlie Raglan, Bentoser, William Boyle-Matty Blair, Chris Clement’s, Finn Azaz , Conor Thomas, Lewis Freestone-George Lloyd, Alfi May

Man City: Zack Stephens-Taylor Harwood-Bellis, Erik Garcia, Aymerik Laporte, Benjamin Mendy-Phil Foden, Fernandinho, Tommy Doyle – Riyadh Mahrez, Gabriel Jesus, Ferran Torres


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