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Grandson Duangphan He was one of the youngest children who died.

Duangphan Patphochanan walks aimlessly outside the Child Development Centre, Na Klang District, Nong Bua Lamphu Province. In his hand a plastic bag full of toys.

A 64-year-old grandmother is waiting to see her grandson’s face. to bring a favorite toy including his grandson’s dinosaur puppet to put in the coffin

Grandmother’s grandson, “Captain”, was a 3-year-old boy who was one of the 23 children who died. of a knife and gun attack at a child development center in the north-eastern province on October 6

A retired ex-policeman ransacked the mall. They then used guns and knives to kill dozens of young children, the youngest of whom was 3 years old, who were sleeping during the day. The period before and after the incident in the center He also shot and killed the people he saw. A total of 36 people died at his hands before killing themselves.

Normally, this child development center There were more than 90 children a day, but with heavy rain that day. inconvenient travel There were only 24 children inside the facility, and of the 24, only one survived.

Police Lieutenant Damrongsak Kittipraphat National Police Commissioner gave an interview to the media on October 7 about the autopsy results of the perpetrator No drugs were found in the body. that means the offenders had not used drugs in the last 72 hours.

a grieving family

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a grieving family

“The murder case remains the same. The rhetoric of the autopsy remains the same. But let’s look at it as a lesson next time what causes it.”

The head of police also revealed that the results of the preliminary investigation found that early in the morning on the day of the incident the perpetrator was having a falling out with his wife. The woman then asked her mother to come and get her. Therefore, it is assumed that the perpetrators may have thought that his wife would no longer be with him. leading to accumulated stress along with a lack of income from unemployment But there was no evidence of psychotic symptoms. Because when I go to court, there is nothing wrong.

The firearm used in the crime The offender bought fine. That is expected through the police welfare programme. which despite being fired by the government But it is considered a license for personal use. Now the body of the criminal is in the process of holding the body in a forensic working group to be examined. therefore unable to hold the ceremony And the temples in all 3 temples do not want to accept it, so the mother can accept the ceremony in other temples.

the voice of the lost

“When I heard the news about the shooting I almost fainted,” Duangphan told the BBC on his mobile phone. This is a photo of his 3-year-old grandson in school uniform. taken a few hours before the incident

Like other child care centers, Uthai Sawan child development centers Take and post pictures of children for parents to see on social networks. It is a picture of a happy child. smiley face writing a book or drawing nearing completion

Duangphan was one of the tragic relatives of the deceased. collect in front of the center On the morning of Friday 7 Oct.

Little Captain is almost celebrating his 3rd birthday.

Little Captain is almost celebrating his 3rd birthday.

Another grandmother, 46, told the BBC: She lost two sons and nieces.

“I was heartbroken… (and) angry that I couldn’t do anything,” she said. But there is much more to ask for answers.

“Why did you come down to the children and why did you kill them when the children did nothing for them,” said a relative of the deceased captain, and soon the captain was already celebrating his third birthday.

Many relatives of the deceased screamed and lost consciousness.

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The atmosphere of meeting each other for the first time since the accident of the relatives and the deceased.

Mrs Thongjai Duangkhamjan, grandmother who takes care of Dr. Kritsanapong, 4, died in this accident. Said in a trembling voice yesterday morning, I had just sent my grandchildren to school. The grandson had only attended school for two days.

A 48-year-old grandmother made a living by farming according to the way of life of the villagers in the Na Klang area, and she was naturally happy. pick up a nephew that his parents had let him raise because they have to make a living in Bangkok who has returned to their homeland But he didn’t come to pick up his child’s body because he still couldn’t make up his mind.

“Many men are wonderful, accomplished children who wake up early and ask for a grandfather. But I don’t think what happened is true, even though my nephew has only been to school for two days,” said Mrs. Tongjai as she scrolled through her mobile phone screen with a picture of her dear grandson. along with saying “This photo was taken while traveling in Pattaya. Told you not to wear sunglasses and didn’t listen. because he likes to wear”

Dr.  Kritsanapong, 4 years old

image source, They watched Thongtep/BBC Thai


Dr. Kritsanapong, 4 years old

Voice from the rescue team

The head of the rescue team, Udon Thani Foundation, admits that there have been many misfortunes during the last 30 years, but never as “hard” as this time, but he will send the best children to their families.

“Is it a practice plan? Or is it true?” This is the first question that arose in Prajak Wongrod, the head of the rescue team of the Udon Thani Foundation, to BBC Thai. After receiving the news of the shooting incident of young children at the Child Development Center in Na Klang District, Nong Bua Lamphu Province that happened yesterday (6 October)

He then asked for confirmation with the rescue team again and found it to be true. because this rescue team is already in the location Declaring that the voice at the end of the line that there are many people who have died and who have not been able to enter the area, so ask for support to help. He then organized a team of rescuers from the Thamma Udon Foundation. Go to the scene in Na Klang area

Prajak Wongrod, Udon Thani Dharma Promotion Foundation team leader.

image source, Napat Wesshasartar/BBC Thai


Prajak Wongrod, Udon Thani Dharma Promotion Foundation team leader.

The mission required more than 50 rescuers, he said on arrival at the scene. First body found at Child Development Center Two of the dead were shot. and that was informed Still in for over 20 bodies, but still unable to go in. wait for the medical team and then gradually coordinate what to do When you are ready, go inside. with his team being the first team And there were about 6 medical teams coming in, but from the condition seen on the spot, everyone was shocked.

“I went in for the first time and the doctor fainted because I had never seen anything like this,” he said.

BBC Thai was unable to elaborate on what the rescue chief told him. because it will reinforce the bad conditions that are happening But this rescue leader said This is probably the first bad incident in my life as a rescue volunteer.

“I’ve been here for about 30 years and I’ve had a lot of experience. but never seen this heavy but never met myself just met for the first time Go in and feel sad, sad.” He explained how he felt about the tragic event that had just happened.

However, speaking as the person responsible for handling the bodies of the deceased, he promised: “I do my best Every autopsy, what is the child, where is he? Arriving at the hospital, we will decorate him best with it is possible. But we will decorate it to finish it in a beautiful state and give a beautiful coffin.”

Today (October 7), the rescue team of the Udon Thani Dharma Foundation acted as the body of the deceased for all the coroners at Udon Thani Hospital in the morning before the body was taken to three temples, including Sri Uthai 10, Sri Samran temples Temple 6, and Rat Samakkhi Temple 20

“We have coordinated with the Na Klang district leader and relatives (of dead people) do not have to come here. Dharma Promotion Foundation Rescue Unit delivered to his house. We’re going to put on a new coffin, take a shower, and dress together like this. Let relatives wait for the documents so they won’t be troubled,” said Prajak.

image source, Napat Wesshasartar/BBC Thai


“We will send him back to his family in the best possible way.”

the other side of the loss

Komsan Norabutr is another person who lost. because his ex-wife remarried the criminal before the end of his own life He killed his wife and his 3-year-old son that Komsan had with his wife.

“I’m in the factory. When my friend told me to go and see the news I called my ex-wife and child. that they were right But nobody picked him up,” he said. “My son is a good boy, he likes to talk, I’m waiting for his body. he will see his face for the last time. “

At this time, the authorities have moved the bodies of the 20 deceased to Wat Rat Samakkhi. for relatives to bring evidence to confirm Ready to open the coffin to see the body with the sound of a mother screaming as if she was suffocating loudly from time to time until the officers had to come to first aid

For the funeral chanting ceremony of the deceased in this event, the initial 3 nights are held in 3 temples: Wat Sri Uthai, Wat Rat Samakkhi. and Sri Samran Temple

As for the attacker’s body, the police chief said that the three temples did not want to receive it. so it was necessary to coordinate with the mother of the culprit to take the ceremony elsewhere

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