Shopee – Visa supports merchants to accept credit/debit card payments with no entry fee.

Shopee boosts Thai e-commerce by partnering with Visa to expand digital payment services Launched the “Shopee x Visa: Sellers Grow Beyond” project, a 5-year partnership to unlock the potential of SMEs. Open a store with knowledge and comprehensive marketing tools Ready to drive retail stores to grow by accepting credit/debit card payments with no entry fee.

Ms. Suchaya Paliwong, Senior Marketing Manager, Shopee Thailand, said that Shopee As the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, the company has an important mission to enhance quality of life of people Ready to drive the economy in a better direction with e-commerce. especially with Small-scale entrepreneurs (SMEs) are considered to be the lifeblood that nourishes the country’s economy. With an understanding of the current situation that entrepreneurs have to run their business in the face of challenges. Shopee is therefore honored to expand cooperation with important partner Visa in accordance with the 5-year strategic plan in the ‘Shopee x Visa: Sellers Grow Beyond’ project.

“This project was born to help entrepreneurs gain access to online marketing opportunities, knowledge and tools. as well as the necessary resources This is a great opportunity to kick off at the biggest regional shopping expo with the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign to unlock the potential to grow your business efficiently and sustainably. along with the country’s digital economy and the e-commerce industry that has grown exponentially.”

The project “Shopee x Visa: Sellers Grow Beyond” will allow Thai e-commerce entrepreneurs to join the project to access resources that will be in store openings. and simplifying online commerce, such as discounts on training from Shopee University and the adoption of digital payments. Interested entrepreneurs can join the project from today until December 31, 2021 at

Mr. Suripong Tantiyanon, Visa Manager Thailand, said, “This epidemic has a direct impact on the buying and selling behavior of people in Thailand and around the world. A clear trend is the transition to digital commerce. The latest Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes Study shows that Thai consumers shop online on their smartphones every two days, or an average of 14 times in one. month

“This is one example of how delighted we are to be joining forces with Shopee to launch the ‘Seller Grow Beyond’ initiative, one of the new five-year strategic partnerships between Visa and Shopee. This project gives online sellers access to tools. and new resources needed to trade digitally increase operational capability and ultimately understand and take advantage of the current commerce trends that target customers across different generations and segments are online.”

The ‘Shopee x Visa: Sellers Grow Beyond’ project grows far together. was initiated to simplify starting a business on the shopping platform for small entrepreneurs. By providing access to the resources needed to run a business in the e-commerce world in a comprehensive and convenient way.

Entrepreneurs participating in this program will receive the main benefit of the Incentive Package to help SMEs start their online business on the Shopee platform smoothly and attract shoppers. more efficient Participating merchants will receive Shopee support in the form of a 30% discount code, no minimum, maximum 50 baht per order. for organizing a promotion to celebrate the opening of the shop

Another benefit is Payment System. Merchants participating in the program can also accept credit/debit card payment channels. easily and without entry fees To facilitate cashless payments that meet the needs of today’s customers. Merchants can choose to join the installment program to increase sales opportunities as well.

Benefits also include Workshop & Knowledge as knowledge is an essential resource to enhance your business capabilities. and create strong and sustainable growth in the e-commerce world. Participating merchants will therefore receive training on merchandising. Including online marketing on the Shopee University platform, including participating in workshops. to be organized to educate and shooting techniques for selling products online for maximum effectiveness It also prepares stores for an e-commerce event at the end of the year.

The partnership between Visa and Shopee is a five-year strategic partnership that aims to enhance the digital economy in Thailand and the region. Last year, the two partners launched a campaign to deliver a cost-effective, convenient and secure online shopping experience for all users. By offering a quick, easy and secure Visa payment option to all Shopee users. as well as delivering a superior shopping experience through the introduction of credit cards. ‘Kasikorn-Shopee Visa Platinum Card Connecting Every Shopping Dimension’ in the past year.


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