Shortened sleep could influence women's bone health

Excessive sleep was linked to a higher risk of low bone mineral density and development of osteoporosis, as recently reported Journal of Bone Research and Minerals study of post-menopausal women.

In the study of 11,084 post-wake women, people who reported sleeping 5 times or less per night at each of the 4 sites assessed – had a lower bone density of all bodies, whole body, full hip, neck. and spine – compared to women who reported sleeping 7 hours a night. After adjustments, women who reported 5 times or less per night for low bone mass and hip osteoporosis had higher risks, respectively. Similar results were seen with the spine.

“Our study suggests that sleep can have a negative impact on bone health, adding to the list of adverse effects of poor sleep on health. I hope that it will remind us to try and encourage the 7 hours or more sleep per night for our physical and mental health, ”says lead author Heather Ochs-Balcom, PhD, University. at Buffalo, in release.

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