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‘Should be charged with murder’; Mention hurts, reporting should be banned: Tira Commission | Election Commission

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Chennai: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has asked the media to refrain from reporting on such verbal remarks after the Madras High Court’s reference to murder charges against election officials. The Election Commission said in a petition filed in the Madras High Court that the media coverage of the incident was hurtful.

These reports tarnished the image of the Election Commission as an independent constitutional body responsible for conducting elections. Police have charged the Deputy Election Commissioner of Bengal with murder after the court’s reference came in the media. The commission said the media should not be allowed to report on what was going on inside the courtroom while the court order was available.

In Tamil Nadu, with the election campaign coming to an end on April 4, the Election Commission alone cannot be blamed for the current outbreak. The Calcutta and Kerala High Courts had expressed satisfaction with the steps taken by the Election Commission. The commission also said that elections had not been held in the worst-hit states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

The Madras High Court yesterday said that the Election Commission was primarily responsible for the second expansion of Kovid and that the officials should be charged with murder. The court warned that the counting of votes would have to be stopped if Kovid did not follow protocol. The court asked the commission’s lawyer if you were an alien when the big rallies took place.

Anna DMK candidate from Karur constituency and Tamil Nadu Transport Minister MR. While considering the petition filed by Vijay Bhaskar, the court made harsh remarks. The Election Commission has been directed to fix the Kovid norms in the counting centers. The court had said that the matter should be informed within 30 days.

English Summary: After Court’s “Booked For Murder” Remark, Election Commission Pushes Back


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