Home Entertainment “Should I do this?”… Song Ji-hyo’s inner thoughts, who were uproar by making up their minds (interview)

“Should I do this?”… Song Ji-hyo’s inner thoughts, who were uproar by making up their minds (interview)

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Actress Song Ji-hyo revealed that it was difficult for her to change her appearance through ‘Come to the Witch’s Restaurant’.

On the 17th, Song Ji-hyo held an interview to commemorate the end of Wikitree and Teabing’s original ‘Come to the Witch’s Restaurant’ (hereinafter ‘The Witch’s Restaurant’) and shared various stories.

Song Ji-hyo / Below

‘Witch’s Restaurant’ is a soul-charging brutal fantasy drama about witch Hee-ra, business partner Jin (Nam Ji-hyeon), and part-timer Gil-yong (Chae Jong-hyeop), with guests full of stories in a witch restaurant selling wishes with a price. Song Ji-hyo takes on the role of Jo Hee-ra, the owner of a witch restaurant that sells food that makes people’s wishes come true, and a character with a unique narrative.

There were also external changes. In ‘Running Man’, where he has been appearing for 11 years, he showed a face without makeup and comfortable clothes, but in ‘Witch’s Restaurant’, he captured attention every time with colorful clothes and thick makeup. In the meantime, I was able to meet Song Ji-hyo of ‘glamor’ itself, which was only seen at awards ceremonies, and the reaction of the online community and SNS was hot.

However, Song Ji-hyo said that colorful makeup and clothes were difficult. He said, “Actually, it was very uncomfortable. It was very difficult and burdensome because I continued to make my body uncomfortable for 4 months, which I had not done in my 40 years of living. Is it right?’ I had a lot of doubts,” he said, “but I was very proud and happy to hear that they fit well.”

He continued, “My personality is a style that trusts the staff and entrusts them to me. I do what they do.” “The first thing I told the staff while doing ‘Witch’s Restaurant’ was, ‘Do whatever you want. There may never be an opportunity like this again. ‘It was. But really, our staff did everything they wanted to do,” he smiled.

‘Come to the Witch’s Restaurant’ Still / Teabing’s official Instagram

In addition, Song Ji-hyo said, “There were many times when I was embarrassed, and I thought a lot, ‘Should I do this?’, but I wanted to do it properly. he explained.


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