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“Win or lose” is perhaps the most suitable sentence to describe Jimmy Butler at the moment. The key three-pointer at the end of Game 7 made him appear on the hot search of major websites in a short period of time.

But it is a pity that this time he is not the “winner is king” side, and the amazing journey of the Miami Heat has come to an end.

There are 16.6 seconds left in the game, and the score between the two sides is “98-96”. No matter which side you are a fan of, when you see Butler’s fast break and pull out, I believe you temporarily stopped breathing.

As for whether to breathe a sigh of relief, or hide your face and regret, it really depends on which side you support. How crucial and nervous the ball was, I believe those who watched the live broadcast will never forget it.

In fact, three minutes before that happened, the Boston Celtics had a 13-point lead that made the game “look” like it was over, but the Heat’s “11-0” onslaught gave Jimmy Butler a run for his money. Create an excellent opportunity to overtake (Boxscore)。

Kyle Lowry made a mid-range jumper and Max Strus added a dunk to cut the lead to single digits. Victor Oladipo, who was revived in the playoffs, made a strong attack on the frame, Lowry continued to score, and Strus actively ran and hit a very difficult three-pointer——

At this point, the Celtics and the Heat have only one ball difference left. They are tied by two points or ahead by three points. It all depends on how the next Play plays.

In Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, it really was the last pawn. Before the buzzer sounded, it was not known who would die.

Everyone knows the story after that. Butler didn’t make a 3-pointer, and the next play didn’t work, and the Celtics returned to the championship game after 11 years.

The last time they met the Warriors at Finals,to go back 58 years agowhich ended with Bill Russell defeating Wilt Chamberlain for the 1964 NBA Championship (Boxscore)。

Butler didn’t score a single point in the Heat’s final “11-0” comeback. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to take that crucial shot. After all, without his desperate performance a few days ago, the Heat wouldn’t even have a chance to hit it now.

That’s why Erik Spoelstra left Butler on the court at the end of the day, allowing him to play three games in a row for more than 40 minutes. It is trust, respect, and a decision that has to be done.

Jimmy Butler is willing to give everything for the Miami Heat, and the 32-year-old is waiting for this day, fighting high and never backing down.

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In Game 6, “Master Chief” Jimmy Butler scored 47 points, 9 assists, 8 rebounds, 4 interceptions and 1 block in 45 minutes and 57 seconds, and made 4 of 8 three-pointers.

He made only one mistake and one foul, creating a classic tie show in the history of the Heat, making the series a “3-3” tie, and the battle line continued to Game 7.

On the last day, he was even more mad. Played for 48 minutes without stopping, contributed 35 points and 9 rebounds. When other players were stagnant, he always had a way to break the deadlock, attacking the rim, pulling jumpers, and “getting” himself to the free throw line, just like him. That’s what the playoffs did.

In two consecutive life-and-death games, he got 11 free throws, and in Game 3 so far, he has only had 3 turnovers and 8 fouls. I really did my best and did everything I could.

To put it more provocatively, we might even argue that Butler gave the Heat a Game 7 to play, without him they wouldn’t be where they are today.

It is a pity that we live in 2022, and as many people admire him, as many people hate him, everything will be presented naked on social media, leaving no time for reaction.

In particular, what everyone is most curious about is, should Butler shoot that 3-pointer? Wouldn’t it be better to be slow?

At present, the positive and negative voices are polarized. Perhaps we can look at this matter from different angles to understand why he “choose” to do this, rather than simply thinking about what would happen if he invested.

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Not all fans in Miami are for Butler, and there are different voices in the US alone.

Wes Goldberg, who has followed the Heat for a long time, made it clear that he “doesn’t like the last 3-pointer.” Mo Dakhil, a writer for Bleacher Report, believes that “the offense must be attacked, but it is not a good shot.” He believes there are other better options.

Interestingly, John Schuhmann, who works for the NBA official, shared a little clip from 2019 that makes one have to sigh that history is always surprisingly similar.

Also trailing by two points, Butler, who was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers at the time, chose to “take two points first” and attacked the basket when transitioning fast breaks to tie the game.

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