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should not happen More than 200 people have been vaccinated with 4th-dose COVID-19 vaccine, doctors say

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from the case of sharing electronic certificates through the system “doctor ready” published that medical personnel have been vaccinated “Covid-19“The 4th needle until it creates doubts about the suitability of such While the Department of Disease Control and Ramathibodi Hospital Provide information that it is a person who has to study abroad And the destination country does not certify Sinovac. along with the “Pfizer” certification

Today (20 Aug 2021), Dr. Sophon Mekthon, Deputy Minister of Public Health As the chairman of the Executive Committee for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination Administration (Covid-19) gave an interview about this.

From the information that the hospital or the “Covid-19” vaccination service unit has keyed the information into the MOPH IC system, indicating that at present, approximately 200 people have been vaccinated with the 4th needle, mostly in the Bangkok area. Here, he still does not know if there are any exceptions.

But the concern is that if there is no real need, it shouldn’t be given.covid vaccineNeedle 4because despite saying that it is necessary But such numbers are quite large. Currently, there are still many people who have not received the first dose of vaccine.

In this regard, I want to charge the hospital And all service units that provide vaccination services for COVID-19, that before vaccination must be checked in the system whether the person has received the vaccine or how, or how many doses they have received. which, if received 3 needles, means the target group must boost the dose In the case of the fourth injection, it should not happen. Because now the vaccination against COVID must be in accordance with the target group. As for whether there are exceptions or not, however, there should not be as many as 200 such numbers.

Dr. Sophon added that Importantly, people who go to injectcovid vaccineThe 4th needle must be careful because there is currently no medical information to support whether it can be injected or not. or how long should it be away from the previous needle?

“Please leave all injection units before injection to check in the system whether How many injections has the person injected? If 2 injections, the booster must be in accordance with the target group. specified risk group but if it is the case of the booster dose group Or have been vaccinated with the 3rd dose, the 4th injection should not have happened yet. If it is an exception, it must be carefully considered.”

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