Should the Timberwolves plan be rebuilt?

And the fading playoffs from the Minnesota Timberwolves view, franchise should focus on a draft post and adjust to the future?

The NBA trading deadline came and took place on Thursday, February 7. As expected, the Minnesota Timberwolves were quiet.

The Wolves had a few years contracts that they could move for a draft pocket and could have a player. The front officer decided to disagree due to the next cap space.

Darren Wolfson reported that the Timberwolves received calls from the Raptors, among other teams, to Anthony Tolliver. In the end, however, general manager Scott Layden refused to move.

C.J has a player choice. Thousands at $ 8.7 million next year, and the Wolves had no doubts to drive their salary for the next season and it was only a second time in the process. Miles is a good player and the Wolves need to have a wing depth, but the Wolves computed that there was too much bridge in the bid of money for 2019-20.

The team is going wrong in this season, and after losing games back to games back, the current season is much closer to all but more.

Recording 25-30, there are five games behind the No 8 seed in the West in the Timberwolves. Nothing can be done, of course; Daughters of other teams and scids could be a huge loss from Lakers, Clippers, or Kings like the opportunity to always improve Minnesota. But he does not look good.

The front office has as many questions entering the offseason. Should they keep Tyus Jones, who will be a free agent of restrictions this summer? Should they give the permanent intervention coach Ryan Saunders the permanent training post? Will Glen Taylor change his head office and join the Layden, who chose Tom Thibodeau?

With many questions and limited space to work with, Timberwolves must do something to keep pace in the Western Conference.

Fortunately for Minnesota, their draft picks are still in draft stacked class. So, the Wolves should use the rest of the season to sit themselves for a higher pick by closing the rest of the way.

Without asking a strict question, of course. Everyone wants fans and coaches to perform the players. Nobody wants to lose at any competitive sports level, and it is impossible to ask a professional athlete to try to lose.

Although it may be difficult to accept, however, the best thing to do is sometimes for yourself as a future franchise. The West is stacked, and LeBron James is running the LA show, it's safe to assume that more stars are coming back.

The most reformed Timberwolves have one thing and that's a franchise player. Karl-Anthony Towns is the central center for the franchise and the front office must start to build around their quality.

Forward: The Wolves must focus on keeping the towns happy

This summer will be crucial to this franchise if they want to go back to the playoffs and become some contractor, but they have to start the rebuilding process now.

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