Shout it out! enjoy listening to news The reporter read the snow as Hixx, he also said Know the meaning and feel guilty

The young reporter posted from and after reading the snow, It’s Hi xx, I know the meaning and feel guilty. But this work, netizens are not dramatic. and respect

As a result yesterday (26 January), a TikTok account user posted a clip from the evening news program in Thailand. A male announcer reports on the weather in Japan. “leading to Himo.. heavy snow and gales of wind.” Causing people to listen to the room very heavily But it is understandable as news programs are broadcast live. Therefore, there are some mistakes in such a way. It also respects the ability to continue the program professionally.

Recently, the clip has been viewed more than 900,000 times, and the news anchor has also been aware of the trend. Saying “Yes.. It’s me, everyone. One heart feels guilty Because I just knew the meaning On the other hand, I’m glad that everyone can recognize the sound. Send each other in after many fics.”

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