‘Show Me 10’ Cho Kwang-il wins, synth runner-up… ‘Orthodox Hip-Hop’

[헤럴드경제 = 서병기 선임기자] The main character who will complete the master piece in the 10-year history of ‘Show Me the Money’ was Jo Gwang-il.

In the final live broadcast of Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 10’ broadcast on the 3rd, rapper Jo Gwang-il was called the final winner and the great journey came to an end. In addition, Synth, the first female rapper to advance to the finals, became the runner-up, writing a new history of producing both first and second places in the producer Gaeko & Code Kunst team at the same time.

The two producers, who did their best to support the two rappers who had different passions for rap, also shed tears of joy and ended the tenth season focusing on the essence of hip-hop more than ever.

‘Show Me the Money 10’ recorded the highest number of applicants ever, with over 27,000 people. The TOP4 B.O, Synth, Jo Kwang-il, and Kunta, who went through the fierce gates and advanced to the finals, recreated the great performances they showed throughout the mission, opening the splendid curtain of the finals.

The rappers directly decided the order of the contest, and the final order was decided in the order of Kunta, Bio, Synth, and Jo Gwang-il. In the final, the first round performed as a rapper’s solo stage and the second round prepared as a producer’s joint stage, each of the rappers performed two songs. In the finals, the final winner is decided by voting by the on-site evaluation team and live text voting.

The first round started, and the first batter, Kunta, stopped the start. Kunta, who expressed his wish to “have fun winning”, introduced the song ‘Double Up’ as the first song, conveying a message of hope along with rappers The Quiett, Raewon and Mushvenom.

Rain, who has been loved for his attractive tone and stylish rap design, wanted to contain a message about the feeling of ending ‘Show Me the Money 10’ and the emptiness of breaking up with the program, team members, and viewers. B.O’s first round song ‘Night Without You’, completed on the beat of producer Gray, was born as an emotional stage with Ash Island’s support fire.

Then, the synth took over the stage. Synth performed the final stage they met after enduring the past days with all their might and passion for hip-hop, as well as the song ‘Get Up’, a song containing bold ambitions for the future, as the first song of the finale. For the synth that is writing new history day by day, Jay Park and Wonjae Woo contributed their strength by participating in the featuring, and the stage where you can feel the synth’s intense and tight rap was completed.

Jo Gwang-il, who possesses overwhelming rap skills, finished the first round. Jo Gwang-il, who prepared for the final stage with the full support of the producers, stood on stage with the song ‘Garion’, which contains the will to not stop even if numerous obstacles block the way ahead. The dynamic duo firmly supported him as his supporter, and the powerful beat and impactful flow overwhelmed the scene and captivated viewers.

Round 2 is the rappers’ last ‘Show Me the Money 10’ stage, which they decorate together with the producers. Kunta sang about the timing to be happy with the song ‘Timing’ made with Yeomda and Saturday, and gave a story of hope following the first round. Big Nati (Seo Dong-hyun) not only added a sensual voice, but also finished Kunta’s own journey with a heart-warming stage where new and old rappers met.

The second stage of the last round was B.O’s ‘Looking After’ stage. Rain went to the next round with the support of the Gray Norma team members. This song is a story about all the pain, and it is a song that contains the comfort that it is nothing after it passes. Producer Song Min-ho and sensual voice Hwasa participated in the featuring, creating a more attractive stage.

Ahead of the final stage, Synth found her father, who was the most precious to her. Through the song ‘Sign’, which contains candor about the present and the past, Synth sincerely revealed the days he endured and endured for hip-hop and his heart towards his father. Rapper Miran, who showed good results last season, climbed together, and the two female rappers who played an active part in ‘Show Me the Money’ created a drama-like stage and moved them.

The finale of the final was organized by Jo Gwang-il. In the last song ‘Cookie Video’, he tried to decorate the stage like the cookie video of ‘Show Me the Money 10’, while containing the message that his story as a musician is just beginning. Featuring producer Gaeko, the winner of ‘Show Me the Money 6’, Haeng-ju, and unique vocalist Ailee filled the stage together and decorated the ending.

‘Show Me the Money’ has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. In line with this, various special stages were also prepared for the final live broadcast. Zion.T, who was a producer, gave a warm stage with the song ‘A lot of trouble’ to comfort those who worked hard this year along with participants Basicik, Anandilite, Mud the Student, and Sokodomo.

In addition, a stage produced by the dynamic duo of ‘One Top Soup Hip Hop’ was held. To commemorate the tenth season of the show ‘Show Me the Money’, a program that contributed to the popularization of Korean hip-hop, dynamic duo, Palo Alto, Giri Boy, Just This, and Lil Boy participated in ‘+82’ to sing a song about love for Korean hip-hop. He performed a meaningful song.

The time to announce the main character of ‘Show Me the Money 10’ came, and Jo Gwang-il took the tenth trophy. And a synth from the same Gaeko & Code Kunst team reached the runners-up, creating an exceptional result that both the championship and runner-up in one team were born at the same time. After that, Bio came in 3rd and Kunta in 4th.

Rapper Jo Gwang-il, who became the protagonist of ‘Show Me the Money 10’ on this day, said, “I wonder if it is okay to receive an undeserved ranking of 1st place on a program like this. He bowed his head and said hello.

Producer Kot Kunst said, “When Jo Kwang-il first came to the team, I felt that there was a lot of prejudice toward Jo. So I thought I wanted to break this with Gaeko hyung somehow.” Because it was the victory of Jo Gwang-il, who rose silently by overcoming the mixed evaluation of him with only skill and effort, it had a special meaning to the producer and the fans of ‘Show Me the Money’.

Jo Gwang-il showed the intrinsic charm of hip-hop with his unique rapping on ‘Show Me the Money 10’ and broke the negative gaze one by one, and through the semi-final ‘Hoojoo’ stage, he will go his own way against prejudice against himself. has given a lot of resonance by presenting the declaration as a rap.

Gaeko said, “The producers and rappers were all different in age and environment, but all four were able to work hard with the will to make good music. Thank you,” he said of the feeling of becoming the winning team.

‘Show Me the Money 10’ with the concept of ‘THE ORIGINAL’ focused on the essence of hip-hop and made the meaning of the tenth season even more meaningful. With the full support of the Kingmaker producers, the fierce efforts of talented rappers and their passion for hip-hop, it provides a signal of revival for veteran rappers and an opportunity to imprint new rappers with the public. The second season has come to an end.

Meanwhile, the heat of ‘Show Me the Money 10’ is expected to continue in the future. The sound sources of all the songs presented through the final were released on each music site at noon on the 4th.

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