‘Show Me’ rapper Mud the Student, controversies about the late Jonghyun

The mission song ‘Dissonance’, performed by rapper Mud the Student, who is appearing on Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 10’, has been embroiled in controversy for demeaning the late Jonghyun, who passed away as a SHINee member.

At the semi-final of Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 10’ broadcast on the 26th, the Mud the Student mission song ‘Dissonance’ was released. However, after the broadcast, many netizens raised their opinion that the lyrics of the song seem to demean the late Jonghyun.

In fact, the lyrics of the song are “My idol lived in a different era. You took your life with just a sigh, and I took off the leash to breathe”, “Phantom pain in a place where I lost my childhood”, “I’m like an elevator door”, etc. It contains the contents of ‘Phantom Tong’ and ‘Elevator’ because they are the titles of Lee Hi’s songs written and composed by Jonghyun, so it reminded me of Jonghyun.

In response, netizens commented, “I feel it is rude that you took your life while only sighing. Afterwards, I said that I cut off the leash to breathe. In the end, you couldn’t overcome it, but I think it means that I endured differently than you.” criticized the student.

Other netizens also commented, “Is it necessary to use the deceased in a song for a contest?”, “Looking at the lyrics that say he took his life with only a sigh, it seems that he doesn’t even know the meaning of the song ‘Sigh'”, “Who expresses respect for the deceased like that? Do you do it?” and “Who are you trying to send because you misunderstood again?”

Mud the Student’s ‘Dissonance’ is known to have been written and composed by Lee Chan-hyuk of ‘Akdong Musician’.

Reporter Lee Ji-soo of Digital News Team



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