Showa Yokkaichi “Results” submitted without testing inappropriate behavior in oil production | NHK Tokai News

Showa Yokkaichi Petroleum, an oil refining company located in Yokkaichi Complex in Mie Prefecture, has been submitting test result materials to customers for at least three years without conducting some of the tests necessary for producing petroleum products. Announced that he was doing inappropriate acts.

According to the announcement, the improper conduct was asphalt petroleum products and heavy oil used in ships.
When producing these products, there are cases where some of the necessary tests are not performed, and the customer is not provided with materials containing unmeasured numerical values ​​or tested by the specified method. It means that it was found.
The company says it is investigating the quantity of products shipped in these improper forms and that there are no safety issues.
In addition, it is said that such inappropriate acts have been continued for at least three years, and in the future, an investigation committee including outside experts will be set up to grasp the facts and investigate the cause.
Hiroshi Maezawa, President of Showa Yokkaichi Oil Co., Ltd., apologized for causing a great deal of inconvenience to our customers and related parties due to inappropriate cases related to product testing.

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