Shut the door Jin!? A young man sends a conversation, loves and is responsible for having a lover in reality While revealing the cause of the typing… Because of this!

The end of the tale of love, love and responsibility that the truth is misunderstood The guy has a girlfriend The typing from Rak to Love is because the Translator is the reason why the fan’s dream has been extinguished.

It became a viral love accident. which is creating a worldwide buzz online The case of a girl who was hit by a motorcycle Revealing conversations from a young couple who used to say “If the wound doesn’t heal, I want to see a doctor. Tell me. Love and responsibility, ” with the caption saying “Good party meeting, not running away and taking responsibility for everything, it’s very good. If you want to flirt, you don’t have to hit me with a car.”

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This incident made social media people scream. spreading the word as in the courtship series Because many people think that the keyboard A and B are on opposite sides. It shouldn’t be plain type, is that intentional? Even the young male protagonist, Boy Pakorn, also joins in the comments.

Read the news: Boy Pakorn can’t help but comment on the viral news Young man sends a chat Love and responsibility You can see it. Damn!

    Jin closes the door

But most recently (June 2, 2023), it seems that this love legend will not continue. when informed The owner of the story revealed that It’s a misunderstanding. The man already has a girlfriend and uses a translator by speaking into the phone and translating to text. Cause a typo from the word “accept” to be the word “love” that some netizens say I was suspicious from the moment I saw the ring on the man’s finger.

Although this love story becomes a misunderstanding but believe that the word “Responsible Love” It will definitely become a smooth and braided gem that many people remember and continue to use!

    Jin closes the door

Thanks information from Channel 3 News


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