Sia-A and Zhe Aor plan to kidnap Aung Ing in order to retrieve important evidence.

Sia-A and Zhe Aor plan to kidnap Aung Ing in order to retrieve important evidence. The couple came up with a ploy to resist bets, raise more interest from the lion, the drama 18 Mongkut tripped love, Channel 7.

television programmes

Channel 3

8:20 p.m Sai Strong’s daughter-in-law on the side Noppanai Decide to quit your job to return to keeping peace in the house between mother and wife

Channel 7

7:00 p.m 18 The Crown Stumbled Love Front end recruitment agency led by Xiao A and Zhe Aor plan to hold Aung Ing to retrieve important evidence Both of them cheated the way to resist football betting. Sam interest of a lion who owes an additional 1 million baht in gambling debt

20.30 Nang Khoi House on the side a girl worry shrimp So many people followed her to Nang Khoi’s home, but they were fine. A frog captured and imprisoned with print

Channel One 31

7:00 p.m for mother to lose during arm transport of latex for delivery to the factory from Handling Suddenly, a group of gangsters came to rob Korn’s car in the middle of the road. It also destroys the latex until it is all damaged.


10.45 am beautiful history Sukki A girl full of anger and lives only for revenge But after she takes revenge successfully Her life is in the hands of a secret organization. to turn her into a professional killer

3:00 p.m The Mule from a true story Earl of Stone A 90-year-old farmer, he was a World War II veteran. Later, he became a shuttle bus driver. But the story happened when he was caught by the US police. While transporting $3 million worth of cocaine from a Mexican drug cartel

10:40 p.m Marine Corps Investigators 13th year in the beginning Cullen suspect hetty Knowing secrets about his past, Joel reveals his identity in a covert mission. Katya spreads important information. That leads NCIS to find an intelligence agency whose lives are in danger.

GMM channel25

20.30 The Warp Effect The Warp Effect A secret photo of the warp code when soft just found out that boyfriends like Big licensed Lotto green card to live in America ice about to be a father because the girlfriend went for a physical examination and was told she was pregnant. Finally, both Nim and Ice How to deal with sudden problems?

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