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Sia Boat, I’m sorry. I will arrange a boxing event. Please don’t come to Rangsit Stadium.

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“Sia Boat” Natthadej Wachirarattanawong, big promoter Petchyindee appeals to boxing fans and patrons. Do not come to visit the area near the Rangsit International Boxing Stadium. Between 1-2 July 64 this era is decisive to ask for another breath for the boxer.

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Due to the government announced a strict lockdown again. and limiting activities in many areas to prevent the coronavirus crisis that came back to spread more and more severely However, in the boxing industry Still enough to allow the competition. but no visitors including allowing no more than 20 people involved to enter the ring, resulting in a standard boxing competition program And many provincial governors across the country have to postpone or cancel, including the Channel 7 boxing stadium, refrain from organizing the competition for at least a month.

Most recently, there would be only Petchyindee, a promotion under the leadership of “Sia Boat” Nattadej Wachirarattanawong, a young promoter. The only agency that also announced the persistence Ready to hold the next boxing match. Which has the latest programs up to 2 programs, namely the Battle of Petch Yindee on Thursday, July 1, 64, Petchsila Wor. Uracha meets Sathan Muang Lek Petchyindee Academy and “Muay Fun Friday” True 4U battle Friday, July 2, 64, the main pair, Kim Luay, Sor. Tong Prachin, meets Flukenoi Kiatfa Destiny. Both programs are broadcast live on True 4U (No. 24) from 18.00-20.00 from Rangsit International Boxing Stadium, Pathum Thani Province.

On the other hand, “Xia Boat” opened her mind as follows: “I would like to say to all my brothers and sisters. This coming Thursday and Friday
Please, who does not have any necessary business Definitely don’t go to Rangsit Boxing Stadium. because we need to control The number of people in the boxing stadium is not more than 20 people, the morning of the boxing day after the weight is finished.
Everyone will be tested for covids before boxing. and for everyone who has to enter the boxing stadium We have to help each other. Make it in accordance with the rules set by the CCC. for safety and opportunities for livelihood All executives will watch boxing at home. along with brothers and sisters, all boxing fans Only the necessary people will be kept in the boxing stadium.”

young promoter who stood at the forefront of boxing in times of crisis An era in which the boxing industry has never been so severely affected. Raise your hand to the fans concluded that

“Everything is still going according to the original schedule. Closed system boxing can be done. by limiting not more than 20 people in the boxing stadium May all boxers be prepared. We need to help each other to follow the rules of the CCC. strictly in order to have the opportunity to earn a living We have reached the point where we have to ask for an opportunity to earn a living.”

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