‘Sia Noo’ supported accepting marijuana diary plan Don’t be afraid of being blocked. Concerned that people should issue a law, not reverse the body

“Brother Nu” supports the acceptance of marijuana, Yan’s diary plan is the pusher. Don’t be afraid to block policies. There are other policies. He said that if people are concerned, they must publish a draft bill, not reverse it. But if it is actually reversed, there is still an announcement from the Ministry of Public Health.

1 December, 2022 – Mr spoke. Anutin Charnvirakul, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health (Sor.) for the case of MPs from the Democratic Party makes a press conference. That “medical marijuana plan”.

Of course, good things, you must consider Mr. Anutin as a pusher. The Democratic Party is right. Anuthin’s Marijuana Plan, is that correct? It is not a demonstration of marijuana, it means Satit Wong Nong Toei, because Satit Pitutecha has already taken everything with me.

Asked about the case saying that As a medical distortion marijuana policy, Mr. Anutin said that distorted people must think it is distorted. if really distorted You probably won’t work for me. I repeat, the Ministry of Public Health has only medical marijuana, health, economics, no other framework. as published by the Department of Traditional Thai Medicine

After coming into power, the Director General went down to understand the operators to focus only on health and medical issues. Leisure is not purposeful. How many times has this been said in the draft Marijuana, Cannabis, BE People who come to speak otherwise, other parties who speak, already know that Don’t be afraid of marijuana, do good deeds, think about the people. However, the people chose

“I don’t feel that if the marijuana policy is blocked then that will be the end of the Bhumjaithai Party. because the party still has many policies to take care of the people Expand many other economic opportunities, not the only story about marijuana. Be careful when you go back,” said Mr. Anutin.

the part that says If it is not modified, the draft will be reversed Mr. Anutin said it is fine because we already have a publication from the Ministry of Public Health, but we had to publish a draft of the Marijuana Act to make people more comfortable and convenient. City officials are convenient. flexibility in the work to get the intention of drafting a law But what the Bhumjaithai Party and themselves brought in was their intention to unlock them from drugs. which has already been done through the ONCB board

However, if it is used properly for medicine, the economy, public health will only benefit Anyone who does anything other than this is considered illegal with the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health If they love and takes care of the people They want medical marijuana policies to be beneficial, that is, to issue a draft of the Cannabis Act, not to reverse a draft that harms the public. We are pushing ahead of the election. and no civil servants of the Ministry of Public Health, who will obey the orders that are punished by the people no one can order

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