‘Siam Piwat’ joins thousands of alliances with a budget of 300 million baht to launch ‘OneSiam SuperApp’

‘Siam Piwat’ joins thousands of alliances with a budget of 300 million baht to launch ‘OneSiam SuperApp’

Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, Chief Executive Officer, Siam Piwat Group Revealed that in the past 10 years, Siam Piwat has changed its business strategy. by being the first company to announce Our shopping center is not only a place to sell products or provide services, it is a place to offer unique and grand experiences in every dimension. Inspiring and giving people the value of living life infinitely. The success of our business is not about profit. but to be number one in the hearts of our customers, both Thai and global Thus, Siam Piwat has successfully surpassed the domestic competition. To be the winner of the first prize in various fields on the world stage is phenomenal. and has a strong customer base both domestically and internationally which is most important Siam Piwat’s success today comes from long-term cooperation with partners and business alliances who are ready to step up with us. To join the revolution and present a new innovation before anyone else. They also support each other to grow and succeed together with pride. Currently, Siam Piwat is ready to move forward into a new world of business that can expand without borders. By presenting a universe of experiences that exceed expectations in the digital world. which takes only 13 months to adjust the strategy and develop new applications to break all limitations and can connect to various platforms More types of partners in our ecosystem

“Today, digital technology plays a very important role in doing business. As a result, the business ecosystem has changed. Opportunity to connect digitally with each other Therefore, retail businesses do not need to frame themselves. stay in the same industry anymore but can create a business in new ways from connecting with partners It also integrates the customer base to be managed that will deliver the most benefits and deliver amazing experiences on a single platform for customers. Siam Piwat saw this opportunity and began to develop a global premium business ecosystem that would connect partners from around the world (Global Ecosystem) to grow together on a digital platform. all of which It comes from the principles of Siam Piwat’s business operations that adhere to Share Values ​​and Co-creation in order to achieve greater success together in a sustainable manner,” said Ms. Chadatip.

Mr. Ariya Banomyong serves as the Chief Innovation Officer. and Chief Executive Officer company founder Transformational Said that Siam Piwat has invested more than 300 million baht to create a large database system and this application. By focusing on supporting and promoting the businesses of the merchants in our 4 shopping centers, as well as the partners of more than 1,000 brands both domestically and internationally that we have invited to join this Global Ecosystem. This is the first phenomenon of strong integration. We are pleased to offer “ONESIAM SuperApp” as a platform that will connect more than 13 industries closer to consumers. Be a part of life and be like a close friend.

All partners in this business ecosystem will complement. And meet the lifestyle of customers with high purchasing power through the vision of developing ONESIAM SuperApp, namely: 1. Sharing Economy Siam Piwat believes in the power of sharing benefits to all parties involved in the chain. Business, which ONESIAM SuperApp is built to be a platform that will bring benefits to all parties involved, including customers around the world – ONESIAM SuperApp and partners and leading merchants from the 4 participating shopping centers – Siam Piwat Strategically make ONESIAM SuperApp a hub for exchanging and using reward points. Including business partners – ONESIAM SuperApp will be the only platform that Siam Piwat’s global ecosystem partners can use together to develop their own businesses, create new digital products, and be a hub for exchanges. and the use of VIZ COIN, including many benefits All partners can expand their customer base on this platform without limitations and without borders. 2. Co-creation Siam Piwat has joined forces with innovative organizations, alliances, partners, strong brands from around the world. To create an exciting content exhibition from world-class Content Makers, create marketing campaigns. Promotional activities, including Loyalty Program, where ecosystem partners can create communities according to the interests of customers. In 2022, ONESIAM SuperApp will be developed as a platform where customers can co-create content together in each community. fun

3. Collaborate to Win, the first phenomenon of connecting platforms from various business types of partners in the ecosystem such as Fintech Platform, S-Commerce and E-Commerce, NFT, Cryptocurrency/Benefits and Metaverse, etc., to enable customers and members of all partners to Earnings access all transactions on one platform. Siam Piwat’s partners can always come up with ideas and develop new digital businesses together on this ONESIAM SuperApp and 4. Sustainable Growth for All from Siam Piwat’s mission. The goal is for all parties to grow together on the ONESIAM SuperApp platform, opening up a new world of digital business that breaks all limitations. resulting in rapid business expansion and expanding customer base between partners There is an opportunity to jointly develop new digital businesses without limitations. and expanding the customer base to become a stronger Global Citizen It is growing with stability and sustainability.


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