Siamese Asset makes real estate history by winning the EDGE Champion award through first-class construction certification standards for the first time in Thailand.

Friday, 09 June 2023, 6:20 pm

Siamese Asset makes real estate history

Awarded EDGE Champion

Passed the construction certification standardsthe first world in Thailand

Siamese Asset Public Company Limited (SA) aims to be a leader in real estate business.The Green Living model reinforces the business development strategy.and sustainable projects according to the long-term business development plangoal setting It has won the EDGE Champion award through the building certification standard.The world has succeeded for the first time in Thailand, and at the same time, received an ESG100 Company Certificate from the Thaipat Foundation. Guaranteeing excellent performance Committed to driving real estate developmentenvironmentally friendly propertyenvironment to create sustainable growth.stable in the long term


Mr Khajornsit Singsaensern, CEO, Siamese Asset Public Company Limited (SA), real estate developerunder the concept of “Asset of Life, creating profit for every lifestyle” revealed that the company has won the EDGE Champion, a first class construction certification standard from IFC (International Finance Corporation: IFC), a financial institution in the network.The objectives of the World Bank Group arepromote and support investmentthe private sector, especially investment projects which play an important roleContribute to economic developmentin developing countries where SA is a real estate companyhave received this standardfirst in Thailand


The Champion EDGE is a green building standard andSustainable building results in innovationCertificate of Excellencein building design for the emerging market of money corporationsInternational Capital Fund (IFC), a member of theThe World Bank is considering the impactEnvironment and it is a corporate awardpermanently, with the organization promising to developDevelop projects with Edge certifying 80% or more of the projectis being developed By focusing on saving energy in 3 parts: Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, and Material Efficiency.


At the same time, the company received the “ESG100 Company Year 2023” certificate from the Thaipat Foundation. who is a data developerbusiness sustainabilityin Thailand and is the main data providerESG assets since 2015, given to the company with outstanding performance inEnvironment, Society and Governance (Environmental, Social and Governance: ESG)


“In the past, the company has committed to driving developmentReal estate development that isenvironmental Reduce the use of energy, water and reduce the use of energy in the production of materials.Building material: choose materials that help reduce carbon impactleast left complying with the development policyDevelopment of projects and sustainable developmentDevelop residential projects thatgreen building In the future, energy saving buildingsThere will be more demand for employment whencompared to general buildings This addsability to competein the real estate rental and sales marketWe can acquire the property very well,” said Mr Khajornsit.

In the past, Siamese Asset has been successful in obtainingTwo projects have received initial certification from EDGE, namely Tribe Bangkok Sukhumvit 39 Hotel and Monsane’ Villa Ratchapruek-Pinklao detached house project.


SA’s CEO said, Our goal is to be a company thatReal estate developmentthe highest trust and promotionIt has good design practices.Efficient sustainable use of resourcesEfficiency by providing “A life asset that creates value for every uselife” for customers, it’s the quality of the product that countsinvest and create value for money growthSustainability for shareholdersof the company


“Currently, SA is focusing on developing real estate projects. both horizontally and vertically with projects being developedOut of 10 projects, 4 are low-rise buildings and 5 are high-rise buildings, and 1 hotel is at the same time other businesses. It includes hotel business rental business Food and beverage business health business Residential technology business and financial and investment business it has a trend of continuous growthfrom the previous year, with every project we develop we envisage sustainable developmentEnvironmentally friendly Customer comfort is of the utmost using the principles of good governance and openness honesty in management aim for sustainable growthstable and sustainable”


Currently, Siamese Asset is involved in the real estate development sell in the holehorizontal project design and horizontal projectshigh, a total of 30 projects with a total project value of 76 billion baht (data as of March 31, 2023) and other businesses that support the business6 real estate development groups including 1. Hotel business 2. Commercial space businessRental property 3. Food and drink business 4. Wellness and healthcare business 5. Technology business for living6. Financial business and investment