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PlayStation announced at the end of last month that the next-generation PlayStation VR device PSVR 2 will be launched in early 2023, causing many fans to look forward to it. However, Hideaki Nishino, vice president of PlayStation Platform Experience, recently brought a piece of bad news, saying that PS VR 2 cannot support the original PS VR games.

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Hideaki Nishino said in the 439th episode of the official Podcast program that because the PS VR2 is designed to provide a new next-generation VR experience, it has more advanced functions than the first-generation VR, such as: hand-operated haptic response , adaptive triggers, anti-fake Direction tracking, eye tracking, 3D and 4K HDR sound effects, etc., mean that the development technology used by PS VR2 will be different from that on PS VR, so games will not PS VR supports PS VR2 playback.

Nishino Hideaki mentioned that at the moment, it is not ruled out that a ported version of PS VR2 will be launched for some of the most popular PS VR games, and some developers who want to upgrade their games to r PS VR2 version provides technical. help. Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, confirmed earlier that the PS VR2 game line will be as many as 20 titles, and it is believed that it will still attract more interested players.

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