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Xu Jiaqi

Sina Entertainment News On January 28, Siba Media issued a statement to clarify the untrue remarks made by netizens about Xu Jiaqi recently. Siba Media stated that these false remarks have seriously affected Xu Jiaqi’s work and daily life, leading to misunderstandings by netizens who do not understand the truth. In this regard, Siba Media requires relevant parties to delete the infringing content immediately. In addition, for some accounts that have caused adverse effects, the company has also entrusted a lawyer group to obtain evidence and preservation, and will resort to the law to firmly hold the infringer accountable.

In this regard, netizens also expressed their support: “I’m working, please protect her well!” “If you need to sue, you have to be hard to protect your rights.” (Shangtang Taozi / text)

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