“Siberian Mayhem” is on sale, and the launch trailer is also «doope! Domestic and overseas game information site

The other day, “Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem”, a stand-alone extension for PC of “Serious Sam 4” that introduced the gameplay video that introduces the battle and exploration of the first 10 minutes, is on sale as scheduled today. Devolver Digital has unveiled a flashy launch trailer with a new setting in Siberia, fierce combat, and powerful weapons.

“Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem”, co-developed by Timelock Studio, which has many well-known developers from the familiar Croteam and Serious Sam communities, is Sam chasing the brand general in the vast Russian land. A stand-alone piece depicting the battle of the game, featuring content such as five new levels, new mental enemies and bosses, and a variety of new weapons.

Welcome back to the world of Serious Sam 4. “Siberian Mayhem” is a standalone title where you can experience the new adventures of Sam “Serious” Stone. Advance the vast Russian land to catch up with the rebellious Brand General, who is always one step ahead of Sam. The road is long and full of things to see.

Co-developed by Timelock Studio and Croteam, Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem lets you explore forgotten stories, undeveloped lands, and fight the mental army with Sam Stone’s trademark firearm storm. Comrade, get up now!


Siberia, the center of Russia. It’s a cold, vast, and unpredictable land where even the invaders’ aliens are lost. Arctic coastlines, desolate forests, ruined villages, frozen ghost towns … Travel through five new levels created in this beautiful and dangerous world. Siberia is a vast land where you can fight as much as you want and explore as much as you like.


Mental has a deep understanding that only the strongest soul survives in Siberia. In “Siberian Mayhem”, new mental enemies and boss troops will appear. Some of them are terrifying creatures with power beyond expectations.


The only thing that exists between Sam Stone and the enemy is the gun. Master powerful equipment with new weapons such as the legendary AK and the experimental “Pern” crossbow! It can be deadly or combined with 50 tonnes of first-class firepower. In addition, new gadgets and vehicles are ready to meet the desire for destruction.


The journey is over and there seems to be no more story to tell, but chances come down again from heaven. Meet an unexpected person and a group of exiles who will help Sam on your Tunguska journey, and complete a side mission to unravel a new story hidden in the undeveloped land. And always observe the surroundings. This land itself should tell you something unexpected.


The land of Siberia is large, desolate and full of secrets. Useful things, silly things, weird things, familiar things … everything is hidden, but can you find it all?



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