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Sick of ‘COVID’ in Samut Sakhon shifts to 36, accelerating history of 5 risk groups before vaccination

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The number of COVID cases in Samut Sakhon reaches 36, expediting survey to create profiles of 5 risk groups before vaccination Before injections to the public Build group immunity

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On March 4, 64 news reports from Samut Sakhon Province revealed that on March 3 at 24.00, Samut Sakhon Province reported the situation of 36 new COVID-19 cases, which Among these were 8 cases of proactive search, divided into 2 Thai nationals, 6 foreigners, and 28 were found in hospitals, 12 Thai nationals, 17 foreigners, totaling 16,449 cases, recovered and returned home. 16,212 cases in treatment, 230 cases, 7 cumulative deaths, to date, active search, 204,584 accumulated

Dr. Anukul Thai Thanan, Director of Samut Sakhon Hospital, said that according to Samutsakhon Hospital, the vaccination was assigned on a voluntary basis. For medical personnel, leadership groups and outpost staff In the area of ​​Muang Samut Sakhon District

Therefore, together with the Muang Samut Sakhon District And Muang District Public Health Survey and history of five risk groups prior to inoculation sequence. And a meeting to clarify and understand the planning of the vaccination sequence of high-risk frontline personnel. On contact with a COVID-infected person according to the specified date, time and place

Most of this group of outpost officers are already in the system. In the next week, two other vaccination areas will be added: Nakorn Tha Chalom Hospital. With Wat Ketum Hospital Which is a hospital under the supervision of Samut Sakhon Hospital In order to be more convenient and quick to get into the service

“Samut Sakhon Province is a province with a high number of infected people. Therefore, if we implement a proactive vaccination action plan for risk groups, it will be completed as soon Before vaccination to the general public Will cause disease control, known as group immunity Is going to be fast And Samut Sakhon Province, it will return to normal more quickly.

However, in terms of the risk groups, the outposts will be vaccinated It is expected to start operations from the end of this week until next week. After that, it will be the next risk group. While the general public is healthy Must be registered to be vaccinated. By the format of the registration channel It is still under discussion to make it appropriate, speedy and accessible to the people as possible.

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