Side of ‘Master of the House 2’ “Lee Seung-gi is not coming off, the time to join has not been determined yet” [공식]

[이데일리 스타in 김보영 기자] SBS’s ‘Master of the House’ Season 2 (hereinafter referred to as ‘Master of the House 2’) explained that Lee Seung-gi’s departure from the program was not true.

An official from SBS’s ‘Master of the House 2’ told EDaily on the 29th, “Lee Seung-gi is not leaving ‘Master of the House 2’ at all,” but “However, the first recording in December will be continue without Lee Seung-gi.”

“The production team will start recording with the current members while waiting for Lee Seung-gi,” he added. ‘Master in the House’, which is about to film season 2 after the first season is completed in September, is an entertainment program with the concept of learning from the master. With Lee Seung-gi as the main axis, Yang Se-hyung, Kim Dong-hyun, and Eun Ji-won participated as disciples and received a lot of love. At the end of season 1, it was announced that they would be returning with season 2.

Initially, SBS announced that Lee Seung-gi would join the first recording of Season 2 as scheduled, but on this day, after a long discussion, media reported that Lee Seung-gi decided not to appear in Season 2, and rumors arose of his departure.

Lee Seung-gi has been fighting the truth due to a conflict over non-payment of music revenue settlement money with Hook Entertainment, the agency he has been with for the past 18 years. Lee Seung-gi’s team claimed that they had not received any musical settlement from Hook Entertainment for the past 18 years, and sent proof of the content.

As a result, the focus was on whether or not Lee Seung-gi’s activities would be stopped. Regarding this, Pacific law firm Choiseon, which acted as Lee Seung-gi’s legal representative, emphasized, “We will do our best to ensure that Lee Seung-gi’s work is not hindered.”

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