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During this period, the Chinese series can’t really sleep. because it’s very hard to follow It’s a bile series. Fox Volant’s Side Story of Fox Volant If you don’t want to get lost in the whirlpools of ancient China, don’t look at it. But if you are someone who likes the Chinese series, the inner strength, the action drama, then come here, because this story is very well done.

Let’s take a brief look at the story first.

is a matter of Hufei An heir of the Hu family who was taken care of by a close servant of the clan. When his father (Hu Yi Dao) was killed because he was mistaken for the betrayal of the warrior from the country. Ping led Hu Fei’s close servant to escape. and training martial arts for Hu Fei until there is swordsmanship that is difficult to find a person to fight After that, Hu Fei set out to travel the world to avenge his father and mother. Ping would always say that to Hu Fei It was the man who killed his parents Miao Ren Feng But when he meets Miao Renfeng, he discovers that Miao Renfeng is a good and virtuous person. Hu Fei did everything she could to heal Miao Renfeng until she met him. Cheng Ling Su The one who rejoiced in Miao Renfeng’s treatment and she made Miao Renfeng look again. And Hu Fei learned the true cause of his father and mother’s death. Before Hu Fei and Miao Renfeng swore to be brothers. Afterwards, he asked Miao Renfeng to say goodbye to traveling the world with Cheng Lingxue. and meeting another woman, causing a love triangle How intense will the story be? Will the song of the sword be etched in everyone’s memory? I have to follow up.

Let’s look at the main characters.

1. Qin Junjie as Hu Fei handsome on God level. No matter what series it is, it never fades. It also introduces the characters who come out great. This allows the audience to access the emotions of those who want revenge on the family. and commitment Surprise and warmth at the same time. This character is quite unusual.

2. Lin Yusen as Mia Renfeng This character was also unusual. Lin Yu Sen was so good that we could understand the feeling. A fighter who does well, but has to protect his loved ones. Especially when he was blind and had to fight to protect himself and his child.

3. Qing Fei as Cheng Ling Su A young woman who is beautiful, clever, virtuous, hearty and specializes in detoxification. On this matter, Qing Fei did very well. The characters are presented in a sweet but strong way. bright but neat Enjoy it all. The detail of this character was very well done. Well presented as an expert on antidotes. Do you have to clap your hands?

4. Liang Jie as Yuan Zi Yi A cute, bright, cheerful, good-hearted girl, Liang Jia’s acting is very cute, suitable for this character. Make us smile after you.

feeling while watching

The action is very good. Visualize the classic retro but not old fashioned. The costumes were set according to the details. The tone control is very good. The set of the actress It’s beautiful, like a Chinese girl who is gentle but strong according to the era of that era. I really like when the characters dance with swords. It looks beautiful and light. But it is so dangerous that it can kill people. This series is doing well. Cube is very good

impressive sight

It was a scene where Miao Renfeng was temporarily blinded and attacked by a thief. and join in the sword dance with Hu Fei At that time, Miao Renfang presented the tone of someone who was in a very serious situation. And he has to try to win the battle and also has to protect his children. It’s a lot of power. Presenting a sentimental but strong and aggressive character. I like this scene very much because there are many emotions in one scene.

You can watch it on wetv.

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