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SIE Announces Acquisition of “Death Return” Production Team Finland Housemarque Studio-Bahamut

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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that the game studio Housemarque, which is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and recently produced and launched the PS5 exclusive game “Returnal”, has now joined the ranks of its game studio PlayStation Studios.
Housemarque (HMQ) is a game studio co-founded by Harri Tikkanen and Ilari Kuittinen in 1995. The predecessor was the first two commercial game studios in Finland, Bloodhouse and Terramarque, founded by the two. Since the early days of AMIGA and DOS, it has emerged with the classic shooting game “Stardust”. Since then, many games have been produced and launched on different platforms.

Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, posted on the official blog to welcome Housemarque to join the PlayStation Studios family. He said that he has admired them very much since Housemarque was a start-up studio. Not only did he create “Planetary Assault HD” for PlayStation fans, the recently released “Death Return” also proved that they have an excellent vision and ability to create The unforgettable new game resonates with the PlayStation community. This new force will strengthen the creative energy of PlayStation Studios, and I look forward to the brilliant performance of Housemarque in the future.

In addition, there are also rumors that when PlayStation Japan’s official Twitter account posted a tweet welcoming Housemarque, it misrepresented another picture, accidentally leaking another long-term cooperation game studio Bluepoint Games will also join PlayStation Studios. News. However, the tweet has been deleted, and the official has not released any specific information about it. The details are still to be confirmed.


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