SIE, PS5 purchase campaign will be held from February 1st! “PlayStation Plus Premium” 7 days free product code gift | gamebiz

Sony Interactive Entertainment will start various campaigns from February 1st on the “PlayStation5” (PS5) and “PS5” Digital Edition currently on sale.

■ “PlayStation Plus” free trial / “PS Store” token gift campaign.
A limited number of product codes will be given to those who have purchased “PS5” to try “PlayStation Plus Premium” for free for 7 days. In addition, if you enter this “PlayStation Plus Premium” code number in the designated URL of the campaign, a campaign will be held in which 10,055 people will win “PlayStation Store” (PS Store) tickets worth up to 50,000 yen through a lottery.

■ Twitter posting campaign “Let’s play with #PS5”.

A Twitter posting campaign will take place from February 1st. We would like to hear your opinion on “PS5”, such as comments that you are looking forward to buying “PS5” from now on, comments that you have bought, feelings of happiness and fun playing games on “PS5”, expectations for the future “PS5”, etc. Post it on Twitter with the hashtag “Let’s play with #PS5”. 10 people will be selected by lottery from among the participants, and 30 people will receive an “Official PlayStation Licensed Product Set”.

■ Store experience event where you can play “PS5” titles.
From February 4th, we will be holding a store experience event where you can play the notable “PS5” titles, including pre-release titles. After the experience, those who post their impressions and designated hashtags on Twitter will receive a “PS5 muffler towel” on the spot.
It is planned to be held in stores other than Tokyo in March.

◆2/4・2/5: 10:00-19:00
Yodobashi Akiba Multimedia Camera 1F First event location
◆2/11・2/12: 10:00-19:00
Pilot the front entrance of the 1st floor of BicCamera Yurakucho store


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