Significantly improved Intel Arrow Lake performance… Caught support in HWiNFO

Circumstances that seem to be true that Intel, which showed confidence in introducing the latest process, has changed the road map for the release of next generation CPUs.

This news was confirmed via HWiNFO, which can monitor PC hardware information, and ‘Additional preliminary support from Arrow Lake-S’ was later confirmed in the official update history. This is similar to the rumors that the release of Arrow Lake from the 15th generation may be accelerated. In other words, since the test CPU for product testing has been confirmed, it is an analysis that the release of Arrow Lake CPU can be accelerated as the previous rumor.

The information known so far is that Intel will not release the 14th generation Meteor Lake CPU in the desktop version, but only in the mobile (laptop) market, and the desktop is expected to have a refreshed version of CPU Raptor Lake.

In addition to this, as Intel expresses confidence in the Intel 7nm process (Intel 4), the possibility of releasing an Arrow Lake CPU following the release of Raptor Lake in the second half of 2023 has increased.

On the other hand, Arrow Lake CPU performance is expected to improve the IPC P-core performance by more than 45% compared to the 12th generation of Elder Lake. The expected process application is expected to be Intel 4 (7nm) or Intel 20A (2nm).


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