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Signs of escalating civil war in Myanmar… Helicopter attack, ‘human shield’ also used

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Helicopters of government forces deployed to Myanmar’s Magwe province on the 20th. Myanmar Now Capture

Myanmar’s military coup d’état, which is desperate to eradicate armed insurgents, has begun a full-fledged war of retaliation. Following the massacre of civilians by flying attack helicopters that could only be used in wartime situations, even civilians are using them as human shields, effectively driving their country into a state of civil war.

According to local media such as Myanmar Now on the 21st, the Myanmar government army deployed two military helicopters to the village of Sou, Magewju the day before and fired machine guns at private houses for an hour. It was retaliation for the killing of about 20 government troops in a landmine attack by minority rebels and civil resistance forces near the village of Sou on the 19th. It is reported that many of the villagers of Sou were seriously injured in the attack by the military, and the rest of the villagers who avoided gunshot wounds were also evacuated to the nearby jungle.

As damage from landmine attacks continued, the government forces also put innocent civilians at the forefront of their operations. In fact, the 101st Light Infantry Division, which is in charge of the operation to clear the rebels in Magweju, used 10 young people and two women as ‘human shields’ the day before and advanced to the village of Yesa, known as the stronghold of the resistance. The intention was to remove the landmines that would be planted on the road to Yesa Village and to prevent surprise attacks.

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The military is also keen to find ordinary citizens who support the resistance. The day before, Mandalay government forces kidnapped charitable organization operator Eun Yun, and also arrested Yangon school employee Thein Jo. The two are accused of collecting and then providing the necessary funds to purchase weapons by local resistance forces.

A local source in Myanmar said, “Government forces deployed to major rebel activity areas started simultaneous attacks to secure key positions on the 20th. It is highly likely that we will continue to use a strategy that utilizes

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