Signs of recovery in semiconductor exports… “The second quarter is the bottom”

Semiconductor exports increased from a month ago. There is strength in the fact that he will hit rock bottom in the second quarter and rise.

According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on the 2nd, semiconductor exports last month increased tentatively at $7.37 billion. It decreased by 36.2% from a year ago, but increased from April (6.38 billion dollars). Compared to the 41% decline in April semiconductor exports over the past year, the rate of decline has been reduced.

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It is interpreted as a sign that the semiconductor industry will recover in the second half of the year after going through the worst.

Lim Hye-yoon, a researcher at Hanwha Investment & Securities, said, “The unit price and volume of semiconductor exports increased in May compared to the previous month,” and “the semiconductor industry has passed the worst .” He also analyzed, “As semiconductor exports revive, there is a high possibility that the export economy is going through the bottom.”

As domestic memory semiconductor companies are also cutting production, they expect the industry to recover in the second half. Considering the time difference between input and production of semiconductor silicon disks (wafers), it generally takes more than three months to produce the effect of production reduction.

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Samsung Electronics predicted that its inventory would drop significantly in the second half of the year, saying it was reducing memory production in the first quarter conference call held in late April. Demand is expected to gradually recover in the second half of the year when customer inventories are adjusted.

SK Hynix also said that the impact of production cuts in the memory semiconductor industry would be felt seriously in the second quarter, with supply and demand expected to improve along with market conditions from the third quarter. It is estimated that its inventory peaked in the first half of the year and then gradually declined.


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