Signs that Eldos Kunnapill is escaping; Anticipatory bail filed – Eldhose Kunnappilly

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ The court will hear the pending bail plea filed by Perumbavoor MLA Eldos Kunnappilly in the teacher abduction and beating case on Saturday. An application for anticipatory bail was filed in the District Court. The petition was transferred to the Add.Sessions Court for hearing. A resident teacher who physically harassed her filed a complaint with the Kovalam police. The police then registered a case under non-bailable sections. It is noted that the ATM is escaping.

In the preliminary application for bail, Eldos Kunnappilly says that the young woman met him as an officer in charge of the public relations work of managing social media accounts. Later they became friends with each other. It is used to meet at home and in the office. One day the young woman who came to the office stole the mobile phone. After this he demanded money. It is said in the predictable application for bail that, when he refused, he went to the police with a complaint of harassment.

The woman lodged a complaint with the City Police Commissioner on the 28th of last month, alleging that Eldos Kunnappilly had physically harassed her. Commissioner Kovalam forwarded the complaint to CI. Meanwhile, the friend had filed a complaint at Vanchiyur station saying the woman was missing. Later, the woman appeared at Vanchiyur station and informed that she had left the country due to mental stress. The Magistrate, who recorded the woman’s statement, inquired about the progress of the case from the Kovalam police. Yesterday, the woman was called to record her statement, but she could not complete her statement. The woman was admitted to hospital due to illness.

The case was later handed over to the Regional Crime Branch. The crime branch recorded the woman’s statement today. The investigating officers said that after receiving a copy of the statement given in court, they will decide to add more sections. It is reported that the woman gave a statement in court that she had been physically abused. Officials said a decision will be made later on the request to record the confidential statement.

English Summary: Eldhose Kunnappilly files anticipatory bail plea


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