SIMAT pushes children to enter the mai market in 65, expects Q4/64 performance to grow to support profits this year, making new highs : InfoQuest

Mr. Teerawut Kannipakul, Chief Investment Officer, Simat Technology Public Company Limited (SIMAT), revealed that the progress of the shares of Hinsitsu (Thailand) Public Company Limited (HST), a subsidiary of SIMAT, was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. MAI where SIMAT shareholders will be entitled to pre-emptive offering according to their shareholding proportion. Prepare to present the agenda to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 2/21 on 24 Dec. 20 at 10.00 via electronic media (E-EGM) and expect to be able to raise funds within Year 65

In terms of performance trends in 65, it is expected to grow strongly. This has been supported by IT solutions business in the USO Phase 2 project that generates recurring income for the company and is also looking for opportunities to expand the network. In terms of internet cabling into remote community areas to increase revenue generation and to allow the community to use the Internet at an affordable price Combined with the plan to list HST shares on the mai market to support future business expansion plans. It will help drive the performance of the company. Growing strong and stable from the share of profit as a parent company

The outlook for 4Q21 operating results continues to grow. from last quarter Due to the high season of the business, the overall performance in the year 64 has grown significantly. Compared to the year 63, the full year had a net profit of 40.78 million baht, while the operating results for the first 9 months of the year 64 had a net profit of 65.95 million baht, higher than the full-year profit of the previous year. This was supported by the silk screen business that controls the electrical appliances. and telecommunication equipment Produced under Hinsitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (HST), a subsidiary of SIMAT holding 60% stake, has a continuous volume of orders.

In addition, the company began to recognize revenue from the IT solutions business. In the Community Internet Project (USO) Phase 2, which is a management and maintenance service for a continuous period of 5 years with a total 5-year contract value of more than 1.2 billion baht, which will begin to recognize revenue in early 65, etc. In addition, the company has been able to control operating costs more efficiently. This makes the company confident that it will support this year’s performance to grow as planned.

By InfoQuest News Agency (07 Dec. 64)

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