Similar to Destiny? Netflix is ​​developing a AAA-class PC shooter

▲ Representative image of Netflix Games (image source: Netflix official website)

Netflix develops AAA-level PC games. The genre is expected to be a shooter game delivered as a live service like Destiny.

This news was delivered via Netflix’s job announcement on the 23rd. Netflix founded LA Studio, a game developer, in October, and appointed Sony’s Chakko, who had served as executive producer of Blizzard’s Overwatch, as its representative.

The first line of the job posting posted this time said, “We are looking for a director to develop AAA-level PC games.” If you look closely at what follows, it is assumed that the game that Netflix is ​​trying to develop this time is an FPS or third person shooter. In addition, there is a high possibility that Netflix IP will be used for game development, based on the fact that it will create a world view, characters and narratives suitable for Netflix movies / TV series. In addition, it is expected that it will be a game with long-term service in mind, like Guardians of Destiny, in the sense that candidates with live service experience are given priority.

Meanwhile, Netflix is ​​focusing on strengthening its game development capabilities by acquiring Spree Fox, a production company in Triple Town, and setting up a new studio in Helsinki, in addition to its LA studio. Under the analysis that the video subscription service, which is a big business, has reached its growth limit, the key question is whether Netflix, which is trying to make games a new business, can achieve the desired results.

▲ Netflix game director job announcement (photo source: Netflix recruitment site)

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