Home Entertainment Simmering “Ann Chakrapong” hit someone “Fake Petch” ruined the tank because he was not grateful to the customer!

Simmering “Ann Chakrapong” hit someone “Fake Petch” ruined the tank because he was not grateful to the customer!

by news dir

Okay … The Lord has put down “Ann Jakkaphong”, dragged “Mr. Phet Phet”, ruined Tang because he is not grateful for his customers, makes a company account to enter the stock market, likes to create a curse for others to sell cream, has a contest with him. Who is it? Was it that person?

The war is not over, don’t count on the corpses of the soldiers. “Ann Chakrapong Jakrajutatip” Unstoppable hitting the premiere, post unfolding. “Fake Petch” The tour company was ruined. Make a show that calls itself “Diamond”, a diamond that “left the screen” and went broke, just closed the show permanently, the loss was 10 million because of not gratitude to the customer.! Recently, an accountant was made because he wanted to enter the stock market. Use the Bartor method as if there were customers to buy advertisements to support the contest stage. Now I can only sell cream from day to day. Create a wave of criticism for other people to be able to sell the cream. There is no real ideology. Go buy an advertisement selling cream on the political opposite side. Until being banned from the channel

“Mr. Phet Phet” that Ann Chakrabongse refers to is nobody knows, but based on Ann Jakkaphong’s unfolding information that she opened a tour company. “Nawat Issara Kraisin” It is famous for doing strange tours and opening a tour company, owning a diamond show. Llama and then leave the screen It is similar to the “Petcharam” program of Nawat, make a account into the property market. Nawat just gave an interview that There are plans to enter the stock market. But came next to Ann Chakrapong, paying slowly, causing an effect on the market, and Nawat still has the Miss Grand pageant stage The properties are consistent with that of Ann Chakrapong unfold.

Not enough, Nawat still sells cream and goes to buy advertisements for Top News, which is known to support the government. Which had political thoughts in contrast to Nawat Called the qualifications of Nawat, fully qualified according to Anchae And before Nawat there was still an issue with Ann Counter each other back and forth To the point that Ann dismissed them to change sex and called that there were wounds. When Ann posted like this I played quite stunned that the CEO of billion came out to strike himself, which in the content that Ann posted is as follows.

“Open three companies of Mr. Phet Fake 1 (the tour company has been ruined for a long time Income is equal to zero !!! For the full three years 2) The production company that calls itself a diamond, but just as a diamond that left the screen, it was completely ruined as well, because the program had just been closed permanently !!! After seeing the budget to know that the past two years have lost more than 10 million in total …. there is no way to resurrect !!! Because I have never been grateful to the customer … at all, there is no one to support me !! In each channel, no one wants to date her! 3) The company organizes a contest each year, receives only a certain level, not a lot … but in recent years, the mech accountant because he wanted to enter the stock market fully due to the cash out … So use the barter thumping method !!! Act as if people come to buy advertising sponsorships contest until it looks like income, but actually go to buy those sponsors back …. In conclusion, but the things never actually got cash …. the profits that show a little is just number Didn’t really have cash left either. “

“4) Mr. Petch’s business is therefore able to stay with the cream sale all day. By using myself as a presenter … so it is essential to create a daily flow for oneself by using other people as a tool … not for the real country … without real ideology. (Phet Fake used to buy commercials, sell creams with satellite TV channels in the opposite side of politics … Why go ?? !! If you insist on what you really believe in !!! In the end, he was banned from him!) … Today, Fake Diamond only has to survive because all her businesses are tired !!! … and should a group of companies that are hollow like this go into the stock market ?? !! Shareholders will get all in trouble !!! In addition to the lawyers team, I will go to court. Will also go to the SEC as well Because we cannot accept the fake people who come to create scenes in society by using other people as a tool.


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