Simon Kinberg Own Blames for Office Bomb Box Dark Phoenix & # 39;

Simon Kinberg Own Blames for Office Bomb Box Dark Phoenix & # 39;

“Dark Phoenix” has ended the “X-Men” series with an office at the box office, and writer-director Simon Kinberg says he blames himself for the film's failure.

“It is obvious that it was a film that did not connect to an audience that he had not seen, it was not connected enough to an audience who saw it. So it's for me, ”says Kinberg with KCRW The Business.

Kinberg joined the series “X-Men” as a third installment writer, “X-Men: The Last Stand” 2006. He served as the main producer for the series during his soft reconstruction and the “Deadpool” film. , as well as a writer on “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “X-Men: Apocalypse.” But “Dark Phoenix,” was the final film to present the X-Men before their first Marvel Cinematic game. His first film as a director.

There were many factors behind the “Dark Phoenix” failure, including changes to the release date, which reported difficulties with the movie resettlement, an interest in the franchise due to a combination of installments and acquisition. Fox at Disney. Despite all this and because the film was not successful with an audience, Kinberg said he is still proud of the film.

“I loved making the film, and I loved the people I made the film with,” he said.

“Dark Phoenix” opened with a low-franchise $ 32.8 million last weekend and is estimated to fall 74% from that total in its second weekend with around $ 8.4 million in total. This would give a 10 day home income of $ 53.5 million to the messenger, which was lower than the $ 54.5 million made in the first weekend “X-Men” in 2000.

As for Kinberg, he is moving forward to direct the spy movie “355” and Chastain starica. It will provide “The New Mutants,” which has been rescheduled and the long delay, due to be released in March, as well as any future “Deadpool” films released by Disney through Fox.

Meanwhile, the X-Men will take a break before taking people like Black Panther and Spider-Man in the MCU, but Kinberg says he is looking forward to the things that come to us.

“I love these characters. I will be very excited about what Marvel does to them, ”he said.

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