‘Sin City 3’ film surpasses 5 million viewers |

The film ‘Crime City 3’ exceeded 5 million cumulative audiences at 4:40pm on the 5th. Among the domestic films released this year, more than 5 million people watched ‘Criminal City 3’ and ‘Suzume’s Door Crackdown’ (5.51 million people). The box office success of ‘Criminal City 3’ is ahead of its predecessor, which was watched by 12.69 million people. It took 10 days for ‘Sin City 2’ to surpass 5 million viewers.

‘Crime City 3’ is expected to continue on the Memorial Day holiday on the 6th. As of 6:30 pm on the 5th, the number of pre-order audiences for this film is 380,000, well ahead of second place ‘Transformers: The Beginning of the Beast’ (110,000).

‘Crime City 3’ is the third film in the ‘Crime City’ series, followed by ‘Crime City’ in 2017 and ‘Crime City 2’ in 2022. It tells the story of Ma Seok-do, a detective who works in the Seoul Metropolitan Investigation Unit, discovers, while investigating a murder case, that the case is linked to the distribution of a new type of drug. Along with actor Ma Dong-seok, Lee Joon-hyeok, Lee Beom-soo, Kim Min-jae, Lee Ji-hoon, Jeon Seok-ho, and Ko Kyu-pil appear, and Japanese actor Aoki Munetaka also appears.


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