Since May, 24,000 deaths have been recorded on the mainland, accounting for a third

The epidemic situation on the mainland continues to heat up. The day before yesterday, 24,215 local cases of new coronary pneumonia were recorded, and the first cause of death since May this year; Guangdong accounted for 9,538 confirmed cases, and Guangzhou alone has recorded 8,434 cases The “Measures to Strengthen Epidemic Prevention and Control” were extended for the fifth time until midnight on Wednesday.

The cause of death was an 87-year-old man in Beijing who suffered from high blood pressure and cerebellar atrophy. This is the second death from the new crown on the mainland since May 26 this year.

As for the 8,434 cases in Guangzhou, most of the patients lived in Haizhu District. The authorities noted that Haizhu District is still at a high level, and the increasing trend of the epidemic situation in high-risk areas has not stopped. The public is required to cooperate and adhere to the prevention and control measures. The Guangzhou Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the aggregation of Liwan, Baiyun and Panyu in the city has basically been blocked. Separately, Taiwan reported 16,197 new local cases and 43 more deaths.

Self is suspected of mishandling passes

However, there are still people on the mainland who deliberately ignore the epidemic prevention and control regulations, and even throw away their privileges everywhere. A man in Changde, Hunan deliberately showed on the Internet that he has a “Vehicle Pass for Guaranteed Supply of Epidemic Prevention and Control Materials” and can drive out at will. The local government emphasized that the ticket had not been issued to the people mentioned above, and is investigating whether illegal activities were involved.

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