Sindang Station Murder Seoul Transportation Corporation’s real name exposed at the incense burner

Building, installing and removing mortuary tablets with real names in Seongsan Annex… “Practical error”

The victim’s real name was revealed in an incense burner set up by the Seoul Transportation Corporation to commemorate the victims of the ‘Sindang Station Workers Stalking Murder Case’.

According to the Seoul Transport Corporation and the labor union on the 21st, the corporation declared 12 days from the 19th of this month as Victims’ Memorial Week, and incense burners were placed in about 20 places including the headquarters, the station hall city, vehicle office, and technology annex.

Among them, it was confirmed that a mortuary tablet with the victim’s real name was placed in the incense center in Seongsan Annex, Mapo-gu, without the permission of the bereaved family.

Usually, the victim’s real name is not revealed without the permission of the bereaved family for fear of secondary harm.

When this fact became known, it is said that the bereaved family protested against the construction work.

The KAC announced that it was aware of the contents this afternoon and issued a commemorative tablet for each incense spot.

A building official said, “There was a practical error during the installation process, and we took immediate action.”

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