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Sing Harbor Hesbc. Green light opened to the cheering crowd 50 percent.

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“Sing the Harbor” Port Authority FC has head before the Thai League approval. To the port fans of the club Traffic to the stadium increased to 50 percent starting on Sunday, March 14.

After the Commission has a policy of easing the viewing of sports, especially football, to be able to have cheering supporters, starting from 25 percent and will increase to 50 percent. For clubs that are prepared and have measures to monitor and prevent COVID 19

Latest Port Authority Out to notify fans that can come to see up to 50 percent, stating that according to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. And the Sports Authority of Thailand allows the FC Port Authority to organize an audience competition from March 2, at a ratio of not more than 25%. Latest Thai League Co., Ltd. sent a confirmation letter to the club to be able to manage. Compete with audiences in the ratio not exceeding 50% of the stadium capacity or 3,126 people.

But still have to strictly adhere to the competition requirements, whether it is wearing a thick mask throughout the viewing, registering, check-in and check-out with the Thai Win application, measuring the temperature before visiting the game in Field, regularly wash your hands with soap or alcohol gel, sit at least one seat apart and avoid touching, don’t shout and cheer. And not bringing cheering equipment into the field In which the club must thank the fans “Sing the Harbor” everyone who strictly complies with the competition regulations until the competition has been approved by the competition department.

For the next home game, the FC Port Authority is preparing to open the home to meet Chonburi FC in the Thai League 2020/21, match 27, Sunday March 14, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.




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