“Singapore” is preparing to celebrate 50 years since the “Merlion”, the nation’s symbol in a big way.

if you think about Singapore I think a lot of people will miss the picture. “Merlin” the same thing, which is similar to a symbol of Singapore Of course, many people are more or less skeptical about the history of this sea lion. Today we will take you Let’s find out more about the history of the symbol that has been with Singapore for a long time.

Origin of the Merlion There is no written record. But there is a legend that tells about the origin of Prince Saeng Nila Utama’s Merlion from the City of Palembang. (Indonesia) who discovered the old port of Temasek. He saw a lion-shaped monster when he arrived on this island. Therefore, the city was renamed Singapura or Singapore today. which has its roots from the Sanskrit word “Sing” and “Pura” which means the city of Singha and has been called another name. “Merlin” comes from the words “Mer” which means sea and lew which means lion.

Later in 1964 the legendary creature with the head of a lion and has the body of a fish was born as a logo for Singapore Tourism The design was inspired by the fishing village together with the Lion City to commemorate the historic moment the island was discovered. Merlion Logo It was registered for commercial use on 20 July 1966 and has been in use for 33 years since then until 1997.

part “Merlion statue” that’s okayBuilt in 1972 byCraftsmen from Singaporename “Lim Nang Seng” Using a sketch by artist Kwan Sai Kieng as a model, the lion’s head and fish body come from legends passed down from the past. The statue was built to face the sea in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. and Mr. Chang Lim, who is the sculptor Chosen to be the Merlion statue After he won many awards in a competition organized by the Singapore Tourism Board.

Even many Singaporeans may not know that Chang Lim did not create this Merlion by himself. But with the help of his eight children, the older ones climbed the scaffolding. and helps to carve Merlin’s eyes, and the little sister carves fish scales. and the wing in the Merlion’s tail. The children were all delighted and proud to help their father do this work. and went to help at the construction site almost every day before and after school

On September 15, 1972, former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew presided over the official installation and unveiling ceremony of the Merlion. at the mouth of the Singapore River with a Merlion facing east after feng shui it is believed to bring prosperity to the city This may be the reason why the Merlion Statue in Merlion Park has become a popular tourist attraction in Singapore which n known throughout the world.

In 1997 the Esplanade Bridge was built. To facilitate traffic from the city to the Marina area. This led to the Merlion’s vision being obscured. This led to the relocation of Merlion in 2002. Eight locations were chosen to be Merlion’s new locations. Before it was decided to move the Merlion statue Go to One Fullerton shopping centre, which is only 120 meters from the original location. Merlion must be located near the mouth of the Singapore River only. because of this area It is an important place in history. Because this is the area where Prince Saeng Nila Utama saw the animal he thought was a lion for the first time.

Craftsman Lim carves a small sculpture of a sea lion.  which is the current model of the Merlion sculpture (Cr.Photo - Lim Nang Seng Collection, courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore)

did you know that the Merlion Statue has been struck by lightning before That incident happened on February 28, 2009, during a late afternoon thunderstorm. causing the parts around the mane to fall until forming a hole in the wave form at the base of the statue. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. The Merlion statue has been closed for about a month in order to refurbish it and safely install lightning protection.

The Merlion Statue has become Singapore’s most famous attraction. Anyone coming to Singapore You must not miss a visit to say hello to this Merlion. Later in 2018, Singapore Tourism launched the cartoon Merlion. by the name of “Nong Merly” to attract children and young people, which has been extremely successful. Cute Merley quickly won the hearts of the audience. Since then, Merlion and Merly It serves to tell the legend of the past in the past. And ready to create many new chapters about the Merlion. and Merly’s sister next

Mr. Keith Tan, Director of the Singapore Tourism Board He said, “Merlion has long been a symbol of the motherland of Singapore and the world. which is considered one of the travel organizers That makes Singapore a more vibrant city. and it is a hometown that all Singaporeans are proud of After a difficult period in the tourism business two years ago. It’s time to celebrate Merlion’s 50th birthday. It invites Singaporeans and tourists to come and celebrate their birthday together. “

whileSingapore is preparing to receive international travelers. Merlion’s 50th Birthday Celebration So it’s like a celebration for a bright future. For the selfie traveler who wants a picture with Merlion Merlion Statue at Merlion Park near One Fullerton Shopping Center The lighting takes place between September 15 and September 29 from 6:00 pm to midnight each day.

for art lovers have been able to visit art exhibitions About Merlion at the National Gallery of Singapore At the event “Nothing is forever: Rethinking Sculpture in Singapore” And for those interested in baking, you can sign up for a Merly cookie making class with RedMan Baking Studio.

Those interested can view more details at https://www.nationalgallery.sg/content/art-all-around-you-discover-sculpture-anew-through-landmark-survey

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