‘Singapore’ prepares a financial aid budget NCC. If the vaccine has side effects

Public Health Singapore Prepare a helping budget Both provide one time – continuous health services With citizens who have been vaccinated and have allergic reactions, repeat this to ensure the NACC.

Not only is the population of Singapore, 113,000 people already receiving the first dose of the vaccine. Approximately 50 people have received both doses of the vaccine. As of Jan. 27, the country’s health minister also announced additional financial assistance measures if vaccinated citizens were born. Severe allergic reaction

The statement said Financial assistance measures for vaccinated individuals have serious side effects, under the name VIFAP program, to assure people that in the event of a problem the government will certainly help.

Hierarchy of help
  • 1. In the event that the vaccinated person has allergic reactions and must be admitted to hospital under special and close care unit But continued to improve from those side effects The government will provide a one-time grant worth S $ 10,000 or approximately 225,000 baht.
  • 2. In the event that the vaccinated person becomes allergic to permanent disability or death The government will pay a one-time family allowance of S $ 225,000, or approximately $ 5 million.

In addition, cases where side effects persist even after treatment has been performed. Singaporean citizens can still seek help through the country’s health services on an ongoing basis.

Finally, the people who qualify for these assistance must be Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or Long Stay Visa holder. Who received the COVID-19 vaccine Then a severe allergic reaction (The doctor must be an investigator) only

Singapore’s health ministry added that Of the more than 113,000 Pfizer vaccinations, the agency received close monitoring of approximately 432 vaccine cases, most of which were reported for common symptoms such as pain / swelling, fever, headache, fatigue and even symptoms. dizzy Want A Jian, etc. While reporting a severe allergic reaction Anaphylaxis occurred in only 3 cases and all cases were taken care of until all symptoms returned to normal.

refer; Bloomberg, ST



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