Singapore Prime Minister Watches Impact of Omicron Stocks-Reintroduction of Some Restrictions-Bloomberg

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been “very carefully” monitoring the effects of a new variant of the new coronavirus, the Omicron strain, on the 28th, reintroducing relaxed restrictions to reopen the economy. He said it could be unavoidable.

“It’s still uncertain, but we may be forced to step back a few steps before moving forward,” the prime minister said at a ruling party-sponsored meeting. “But we have found a way to co-exist with the coronavirus in these situations, and we are confident that we can safely resume everything we want.”

Singapore, like many other countries, has relaxed border restrictions as part of a broader program to take an endemic approach (referring to outbreaks in specific regions) to the new coronavirus. However, with the advent of new mutant strainsGovernments in several countries, including Israel and the United Kingdom, are taking new precautions.

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news-rsf-original-reference paywall">Singapore’s Lee Says Omicron Could Lead to Return of Some Curbs(抜粋)



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