Singaporean Army Safely Defuses WWII Bomb Found at Construction Site, Forcing Thousands to Evacuate

Singaporean Army Safely Disposes World War II Bomb

In a remarkable feat, a bomb disposal team from the Singaporean Army successfully defused a 100-kilogram bomb from World War II, recently discovered at a condominium construction site in Bukit Timah. The bomb, believed to have been dropped by an aircraft during the war but miraculously did not explode, posed a significant threat to public safety.

Total Evacuation Ordered

Prior to the delicate operation, authorities took swift action to ensure the safety of the surrounding area, ordering the evacuation of over 4,000 people. A radius of 200 meters was cordoned off, and a warning was issued to the public, urging them not to panic if they heard the controlled explosion.

The bomb, one of the largest wartime bombs ever found in Singapore, contained approximately 47 kg of dynamite, raising concerns about the potential catastrophic impact if it had detonated. Its discovery showcased the ongoing remnants of a turbulent past, where Singapore faced relentless bombing during World War II.

A Historical Perspective

During the war, Japanese warplanes targeted Singapore, which was then a British colony. The bombings commenced on December 8, 1941, following Japan’s attack on the US Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor. The intensity escalated in January 1942, leading up to the invasion of Singapore by Japanese troops on February 8. The island fell under Japanese control after a week of intense battles.

Given the historical context and the potential threat the bomb posed, the Singapore Armed Forces took every precaution necessary to neutralize it. The bomb disposal unit completed its mission successfully, ensuring the safety of both residents and construction workers in the area.

Post-Disposal Measures

Following the controlled firing operation, the Building and Construction Office of the Public Utilities Commission and the Land Transport Authority of Singapore are diligently inspecting construction areas, roads, drains, and water pipes, as well as residential buildings, to assess security and address any potential risks.

The Land Transport Authority of Singapore has also temporarily suspended Downtown train services during the operation, prioritizing passenger safety.

This remarkable operation by the Singaporean Army bomb disposal team showcases their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to protecting the community from hidden wartime dangers. It serves as a stark reminder of the lasting impact of past conflicts and the ongoing need for vigilance in ensuring public safety.

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A Singaporean Army bomb disposal team defuses a World War II bomb found at a construction site. which forced thousands of people to evacuate

The bomb, which weighed 100 kilograms and is believed to have been dropped from an aircraft during the Second World War but did not explode, was unveiled last week at a condominium construction site in Bukit Timah by an explosives expert from the Singapore Armed Forces. it has been estimated that moving this bomb is not safe. and will carry out controlled disposal.

Before the operation, authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 4,000 people in the surrounding area to safety. and block the surrounding area with a radius of 200 meters while warning the public that Do not be alarmed by the sound of the explosion.

French Commando during the Second World War He died aged 100

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While the Land Transport Authority of Singapore notes that Downtown trains will stop operating temporarily during the operation. for safety

The controlled firing operation began at 11:30 Thai time. It was a double explosion. Before 12.45 pm, the Singapore police will report on the progress. The EOD bomb disposal unit has completed its bomb disposal.

Currently, the Building and Construction Office of the Public Utilities Commission and the Land Transport Authority of Singapore Construction areas, roads, drains and water pipes are being inspected. including residential buildings to assess security

The bomb is believed to be one of the largest wartime bombs ever found in Singapore. The local media said that the bomb apparently contained around 47 kg of dynamite, enough to destroy an entire block of flats.

During World War II, Japanese warplanes dropped bombs on Singapore. which at the time was still a British colony The first was on December 8, 1941, the day after Japan attacked the US Pacific Fleet. in pearl harbor

Singapore was bombed harder in January. 1942, before Japanese troops began to invade Singapore on February 8 and successfully captured the island after a week of fighting.

Photo from AFP

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