Singaporean TikTok CEO ‘Bie’ by US MPs?

This Mr. Qiu has quite an interesting history.

As the chief executive of TikTok ByteDance, Qiu made his first appearance before the US Congress. Thursday (23 March)

It seeks to ease concerns from US lawmakers who believe the app gives the Chinese government access to US user data.

The laundering comes amid tensions between the United States and with China in almost every dimension

TikTok has become one of the characters of the conflict of great powers.

And this young executive from Singapore has to stand in the middle of this terrible storm.

Mr. Chew is a former student of the prestigious Hwa Chong International School in Singapore.

He received a BA in Economics from University College London in 2006.

He started working two years after college at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker.

He then went on to attend Harvard Business School’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

and he met a woman who later became his wife, Vivian Kao, who had two children together

Chew later became interested in technology as an intern at a startup company called Facebook.

He then joined venture capital firms and led investments in Chinese tech giants such as, Alibaba, Xiaomi and later ByteDance.

In 2015, Qiu joined Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi as CFO.

Years later he helped Xiaomi design one of its first publicly offered technologies.

That was very funny because Xiaomi’s IPO at that time had the highest value in China’s history.

When ByteDance offered him the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) seat in March 2021, he agreed almost immediately.

He was then quickly promoted.

Because just two months later He was appointed CEO of TikTok.

He praised the founder, Zhang Yiming “Detailed information about the company and the industry” of this young Singaporean

later that same year Chew also resigned from his role at ByteDance to focus on the leadership of TikTok as its sole CEO.

He replaces Kevin Mayer, an American executive and former Disney executive who decided to resign under pressure from US lawmakers. It’s about security concerns.

Some Western analysts believe that Mr. Qiu was chosen for this position to cross the Western and Chinese business world.

Being in Singapore can help reduce the risk of political pressure from China and the US.

as if to say Putting Mr Chew on this site is a sign that TikTok wants to avoid being used as a tool for conflict between the two giants.

But some people think that the fact that Mr. Qiu was offered this job was not because of his nationality.

Rather, it was because he was skilled in the marketing and strategy of real technology companies.

but he can’t deny that What Qiu was facing reflected the current reality. where transnational private sector actors are increasingly drawn into international security issues and embroiled in conflict or a struggle for influence between great powers

Mr. Qiu made his debut in this job enthusiastically. Giving interviews to international media and participating in discussions in various forums openly about the role of technology and TikTok

amid intense atmosphere in the United States and other countries In Europe where the use of the app is banned on government devices.

Late last year, ByteDance admitted that some employees had accessed the TikTok user data of two US journalists. “inappropriate”

It is part of efforts to investigate leaks of company information.

before being questioned by the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee. Chew said TikTok, which has more than 150 million US users, “has never and will never share US user data. to the Chinese government.”

and confirm that the government or any government agency of China does not own or control the activities of TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance.

“I would like to make that clear ByteDance does not represent China or any other country.” he insisted.

But those who didn’t believe it confirmed that Under China’s national security law, TikTok and ByteDance, like other Chinese companies, must hand over the information to the Chinese government

and even if it does not directly break national security laws But there are also concerns from some that sensitive information is being transferred through other secret means.

Being a Singaporean from Mr Chew will help make the Are US MPs light on TikTok?

Listening to the heated exchanges in the US the other day, the answer was that it had no effect at all.

Expectations that Mr. Qiu will be a bridge between China and the United States. that’s just hope

Because it really took Even though Mr Qiu repeated to US lawmakers “I am Singaporean” to point out that he was not a Chinese man who would fall under Beijing’s orders on everything. But how many American politicians will know the difference between Chinese and Singaporean faces?

when the sword is about to break The MPs of the United States did not hold back either.

The TikTok war will continue to heat up.

Because the point is not only on this app.

But it lies in the lingering emotions of American politicians toward China in the bigger picture that cannot be easily erased.

It’s not as easy as ordering to delete. TikTok from mobile, of course!