Singer Bada Shows Support for Shu Amidst Rumored Feud: Sends Heartfelt Message via Instagram

Singer Bada Shows Support for SES Member Shu with a Touching Message

Renowned singer Bada recently took to her personal Instagram account to express her support for fellow SES member Shu. Accompanying her heartfelt message were the lyrics of the SES song “Letter” and a photo featuring Bada, Shu, and Eugene.

“Letter” is a poignant song that highlights the importance of cherished friendships, with lyrics like “You are a precious presence in my heart” and “Your warm smile wraps around everyone, my dear friend.”

Towards the end of her post, Bada apologized to Shu, confessing that she wasn’t able to be the support Shu needed. She concluded the post with the hashtag “I will always wait for you,” making it clear that the message was directed towards Shu.

Addressing recent rumors of a feud between them, Bada openly discussed the situation during a personal live broadcast. As the elder sister figure, Bada revealed that she had wanted to offer guidance to Shu. She explained that she had advised Shu against wearing a revealing tank top immediately after a controversial event. However, it seemed that Shu had taken offense to Bada’s advice, leading to strain in their relationship.

Bada acknowledged that her conservative approach and frankness may have caused further tension. She urged others to consider the people around them, cautioning against surrounding oneself with only individuals who say what one wants to hear. Bada expressed her sadness over the situation, emphasizing the depth of her feelings towards Shu.

Shu, who made her debut in the girl group SES in 1997, faced legal issues in 2019 due to her involvement in overseas gambling. Despite her hardships, she has credited her fellow SES members Bada and Eugene for helping her overcome them. However, the recent controversy surrounding a photo of Shu in a revealing tank top and her subsequent live broadcast resulted in criticism from some netizens.

Bada’s message of support serves as a reminder of the bond between SES members and showcases her commitment to standing by Shu during challenging times.

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Singer Bada sent a message of support to Shu, a member of the group SES.

On the 19th, Bada posted the lyrics of the SES song ‘Letter’ along with a photo taken with SES Eugene and Shu via her personal Instagram account.

‘Lythyr’ is a song about valuable friendship, with lyrics such as ‘Mae chandaldwh prófór y my heart’ and ‘I hugged you without saying a word, wrapping everyone with your warm smile, Oh my friend.’

At the end of the post, Bada said, “Sooyoung, I’m sorry for not being good enough for you. He added the hashtag “I will always wait for you,” revealing that it was a message to Shu.

Bada recently addressed the rumored feud with Shu during a personal live broadcast.

Bada said, “As an older sister, there was something I wanted to do for Shu. I explained to Shu why I shouldn’t wear a tank top right after such an event. “I guess Shu didn’t like me nagging him,” she said, explaining the strained relationship.

He continued, “When I showed my conservative side and spoke bitterly, it went a long way,” adding, “I have no choice but to speak bitterly.” See if there is someone around you. People who only say things that are pleasing to your ears may melt you. “You could really disappear,” he said, expressing his sad feelings towards Shu.

Shu, who debuted in girl group SES in 1997, was sentenced to six months in prison and two years probation in 2019 on charges of gambling worth 790 million won on several occasions in overseas gambling halls, by included in Macau, between August 2016 and May. 2018. Sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

Afterwards, through TV Chosun’s ‘Star Documentary My Way’, she revealed how she overcame hardships in life with the support of SES members Bada and Eugene, but on social media, she posted a photo of herself exercising in a short tank top and wears a. a dress that showed her cleavage. After wearing it and hosting a live broadcast, the ‘prominence debate’ continued and was criticized by some netizens.

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