‘Singer Gain 2’ clip video accumulated over 100 million views! hot craze

‘Singer Gain 2’ continues the hot craze.

The reaction to JTBC’s ‘Singer Gain Season 2 – Battle of Unknown Artists’ (hereinafter ‘Singer Gain 2’) is really explosive. The cumulative number of views of clip videos on online video platforms such as Naver and YouTube has exceeded 100 million views in just 4 episodes, causing a syndrome.

Individual video views are also on the rise. The video of Vocal Trainer No. 31, a reversal of breaking prejudice, surpassed 7 million views. He swept Blackpink’s ‘How You Like That’ with his charming tone and stage manners.

64, the youngest participant at the age of 20, who perfectly digested the 7080 sensibility, is also a hot topic. Yeojin’s ‘I only miss you’, which he sang, is also approaching 6 million views. The video of No.64 showing off her dance skills in reverse to BTS’ ‘I NEED U’ is also seeing over 3 million views. BTS member V also drew attention by showing interest in the dance video of #64 on Weverse, a fan community platform, saying, “We have a lot of talented people in our army.”

The video of No. 48, which once again caused over-immersion by sweetly singing the OST ‘Mysterious, With You’ for ‘Discovery of Love’, is also about to surpass 7 million views. The 4th video, which cleverly digested his hit song ‘Oppa’, is also approaching 6 million views. No. 4 showed a stage full of passion, saying that he was challenged to find the lost recklessness.

No. 33 of ‘Husky Voice’, praised by judge Kyuhyun, “I wanted to press other people’s gains”. His ‘Love Too Painful Wasn’t Love’ video is running fast towards 6 million views.

No. 43 Kim Hyun-seong, who climbed the stage over the vocal cord nodules and turned the small screen into a sea of ​​tears. The video of No. 43, which continued singing with an indomitable will, “I want to remove the label of a singer of bad luck,” gives a deep resonance and has over 5 million views.

No. 7, which Yoon Do-hyun praised as “the voice of God’s blessing”. Lee Yong’s ‘Forgotten Season’, which he sang with his strong tone and expression, is about to reach 5 million views. The OST of the drama ‘Chuno’ OST, ‘Swap’ No. 20, the OST of ‘Youth Trap’ with the same name, and the video of No. 62 Ahn Su-ji of the demonic dance song ‘Butt’ and the video of ‘Tears from the End of the Sky’ No. 3 are also over 4 million views. .

No. 24, the main character of ‘The Girl Who Is Love’, is also ahead of 4 million views. The videos of No. 57, ‘The King of Singer’s Crown’ No. 37, and No. 34 of ‘Strong Sister’ are also going up to 3 million, where they sing a dance song sung by 7 people alone.

The ratings and popularity are also on the rise. Episode 4, aired on the 27th, broke its own highest viewership rating of 8.9% in the metropolitan area (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households), maintaining the top spot in the same time zone for two weeks in a row. In the 2049 target audience rating, it ranked first on all channels for four weeks in a row with 3.3%, and the highest rating per minute soared to 11.3%. In the topic survey of the fourth week of December announced by Good Data Corporation, it ranked first in the topic of non-drama topics on Mondays for the third week in a row.

‘Singer Gain 2’ is an audition program that gives singers who are desperate for a stage ‘one more time’ to stand in front of the public again. The songs and stories of singers who gave up their names for the stage and found ‘Singer Gain 2’ are deeply moving.

The sincerity of the judges who work hard to discover the strengths of the courageous singers penetrates the heart every time. The various and in-depth reviews of the music of Yoo Hee-yeol, Lee Seon-hee, Yoon Do-hyun, Kim In-a, Kyu-hyeon, Hae-ri, Seon-mi, and Song Min-ho raise the dignity of ‘Singer Gain 2’. MC Lee Seung-gi’s detailed progress that brightens the participants is added, bringing unparalleled fun and emotion.

‘Singer Gain 2’, which will continue the 2nd round team competition, will be broadcast on January 3 (Mon) at 9:5 PM.

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