Singer Kim Jeong-su Reveals Battle with Terminal Stomach Cancer and Major Surgery

Singer Kim Jeong-su Reveals Terminal Stomach Cancer Diagnosis

September 14, 2023 | Money Today Reporter Eun Lee

On the recent broadcast of MBN’s ‘Scoop World’, 73-year-old singer Kim Jeong-su shared the heartbreaking news of his terminal stomach cancer diagnosis and the subsequent major surgery he underwent. Known for his role as a bass guitarist in the group ‘Mikis’ since his debut in 1967, Kim Jeong-su gained popularity with hit songs like ‘My Heart to Your Side’ and ‘You’.

During the show, Kim Jeong-su demonstrated his efforts to manage his blood sugar levels by preparing a meal of mixed grain rice and a variety of vegetable side dishes. Despite his appetite being significantly reduced, the singer consumed only a small portion, eating less than half a bowl of rice.

In a candid confession, Kim Jeong-su revealed that back in 2011, he felt something was amiss in his body while exercising, leading him to seek medical attention. He vividly remembered the doctors delivering the distressing news during an endoscopy examination, stating that he had advanced-stage stomach cancer and should prepare for the worst. Recounting the initial symptoms, he shared, “I noticed bloody stool after playing soccer one day. The next day, it happened again. Unable to ignore the severity, I urgently went to the emergency room, lying incapacitated.”

The singer continued, “When the gastroscopy confirmed a terminal stomach cancer diagnosis, it felt like I was in a movie. I was astonished and overwhelmed by the realization that my time might be limited. Thoughts of unfinished work and unfulfilled musical aspirations filled my mind. I was truly afraid. Whether I lived or died wasn’t my concern.”

With great determination, Kim Jeong-su underwent a grueling eight-hour surgery, during which 80% of his stomach was removed. Reflecting on the challenging recovery period, he shared, “Just a week after the operation, I began chemotherapy. Due to the significant stomach reduction, I experienced extreme nausea even after consuming just half a cup of canned porridge.”

Undeterred by physical setbacks, Kim Jeong-su showed immense resilience. He explained, “I have an indomitable will. Despite the vomiting episodes, I would diligently brush my teeth and attempt to eat again. It took a week for my body to finally tolerate the porridge. That’s how I managed to keep going.”

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Money Today Reporter Eun Lee | 2023.09.14 22:50

/Photo=MBN’s ‘Scoop World’ broadcast screen singer Kim Jeong-su (73) revealed that he was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and underwent major surgery.

On MBN’s ‘Scoop World’ broadcast on the 14th, Kim Jeong-soo, who debuted as a bass guitarist for the group ‘Mikis’ in 1967 and whose hit songs ‘My Heart to Your Side’ was loved and ‘You’, appeared and gave an update on his current situation. .

On this day’s broadcast, Kim Jeong-su cooked rice with various grains in rice to control blood sugar levels, and enjoyed dinner by cooking various vegetable side dishes. He attracted attention by eating only a small amount, less than half a bowl of rice.

/Photo=MBN ‘Scoop World’ broadcast screen Kim Jeong-su admitted that he was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer at the hospital he visited in 2011 after feeling abnormalities in his body while exercising. She recounted the situation at the time, saying, “When I looked at the endoscopy, there was a big cancer,” and “the doctors told me to give up because it was too late.”

Kim Jeong-su recalled, “I played soccer every weekend. I went there one day and had bloody stool. It was the same the next day. I couldn’t lift my head, so I lay down and asked for my manager to go to the emergency room.”

He continued, “When I looked through the gastroscopy, I found I had terminal stomach cancer. I never had any pain or anything, but then suddenly, like in a movie, they said, ‘I have terminal stomach cancer and I’ n. going to die,’ and I was amazed and surprised. ‘I still have a lot of work to do, and I still have to make more music.’ “I was worried. I didn’t care if I lived or died,” he admitted.

/Photo=MBN ‘Scoop World’ broadcast screen Kim Jeong-su only survived after 80% of his stomach was removed after a major operation that lasted over 8 hours.

He recalled the time immediately after the operation, saying, “I started chemotherapy a week after the operation. As I had 80% of my stomach removed, I vomited like that when I ate half a cup of canned porridge.”

He continued, “I think I have a strong will. When I vomited, I brushed my teeth and ate and ate again for a week. After that, my body seemed to give up and eat the porridge. That’s how I lived.”

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