Singer Kim Jo-han Opens Up about His Father’s Battle with Dementia

Singer Kim Jo-han Reveals Father’s Dementia Diagnosis on ‘Immortal Songs’

In a candid revelation, singer Kim Jo-han opened up about his father’s battle with dementia. The emotional confession was made during the airing of KBS2’s ‘Immortal Songs’ on the 16th. The episode featured a special segment called ‘Songs of Memory’ which aimed to raise awareness about dementia ahead of ‘Dementia Overcome Day’ on the 21st.

Kim Jo-han, alongside fellow artists Muzie, Hanhae, Tei, Lee Bo-ram, Baek Ye-bin, So-ran, Jeong Dong-won, and others, appeared on the broadcast, delivering heartfelt performances that touched the audience’s hearts.

During the show, Kim Jo-han bravely shared the reason behind his participation in the special segment – his father’s struggle with dementia. He expressed, “My father has been affected by dementia. It’s a disease that can afflict anyone. With advancements in medicine, there is hope for better treatment options. I hope that through our song, we can provide comfort and raise awareness about this condition.”

Performing the song ‘Only You’, Kim Jo-han, along with Muzie, Hanhae, Lee Chi-hyun, and her Friends, delivered a powerful rendition. Before taking to the stage, Kim Jo-han shared a touching anecdote, saying, “My father may not remember me as his son, but he recognizes the singer Kim Jo-han. It made me wonder why he could remember the singer but not his own son. However, one day my father told me that I had done a great job. That’s when I realized the impact of music and decided to pursue a career as a singer. During these difficult times, we hope our performance and song can provide strength and positivity.”

A Voice for Dementia Awareness

Kim Jo-han’s decision to use his platform on ‘Immortal Songs’ to shed light on his father’s dementia diagnosis showcases the singer’s commitment to raising awareness about this challenging condition. By sharing his personal story and engaging in heartfelt performances, he has become an advocate for the cause.

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Singer Kim Jo-han quietly admitted about his father’s dementia diagnosis. Provided by KBS2

Singer Kim Jo-han quietly admitted about his father’s dementia diagnosis.

KBS2’s ‘Immortal Songs’, which aired on the 16th, included a special feature called ‘Songs of Memory’. Kim Jo-han, Muzie, Hanhae, Tei, Lee Bo-ram, Baek Ye-bin, So-ran, Jeong Dong-won, etc. appeared on the broadcast, which was specially designed to raise awareness of dementia before ‘Dementia Overcome Day’ on the 21st.

On this day, Kim Jo-han attracted attention by revealing that the reason he appeared in this special feature was because of his father, who suffered from dementia. He said, “My father suffered from dementia. In fact, dementia is a disease that anyone can get. As medicine advances, better drugs and procedures come out, so I hope that everyone will raise their heart and that our song will give comfort.”

On this day, Kim Jo-han, along with Muzie Hanhae, Lee Chi-hyun and her Friends chose ‘Only You’. Before starting the stage, Kim Jo-han said, “My father didn’t remember me, his son. But he knew the singer Kim Jo-han.” He added, “I wondered why he didn’t know that Kim Jo-han was his son. But one day, my father told me (about the singer Kim Jo-han), He said, ‘You did a very good job.’ That’s why I thought it was a good idea to become a singer. You think positive thoughts during this difficult time and that our performance and song give you strength,” he added.

Hyemin Hong Correspondent

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