Singer Lim Jeong-hee and Ballerina Kim Hee-hyun Tie the Knot

Singer Lim Jeong-hee, 42, and ballerina Kim Hee-hyeon, 36, will exchange vows today. The couple, who fell in love while working together on the tango ballet “3 Minutes: Sue Tiempo Her Time,” will celebrate their union with a private wedding held in Seoul.

Lim Jeong-hee, known for her successful single album “Music Is My Life,” revealed her decision to marry, expressing her happiness in every moment spent with her partner through their shared love for music and dance. She emphasized his unwavering support, which ultimately led her to choose a lifetime together.

In a heartfelt statement, Lim Jeong-hee asked for blessings and support as they embark on their future together, after living in a society that emphasizes individualism. Grateful for the privilege of building a life with her beloved, she thanked everyone for their well-wishes.

As for Kim Hee-hyeon, a former soloist in the National Ballet Company and recipient of the Newcomer Award at the 2013 Korean Ballet Society Competition, her journey in the world of dance has been commendable.

The couple’s wedding is expected to be a joyous occasion, symbolizing their commitment and shared passion.

Singer Lim Jeong-hee (42) and ballerina Kim Hee-hyeon (36) are getting married today (3rd).

Lim Jeong-hee and Kim Hee-yeon will hold a private wedding somewhere in Seoul on the 3rd.

They became lovers while working together in the tango ballet ‘3 Minutes: Sue Tiempo Her Time’, and after dating for about a year, they got married.

Lim Jeong-hee recently revealed the reason why she decided to get married, saying, “I’m getting married. I’m happy in every moment we spend together through music and dance, and I decided to spend the rest of my life with this person because he is a strong supporter of mine.”

He added, “After living in a world with strong individualism, please bless and support our future that we will build together now. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Lim Jeong-hee debuted with the single album ‘Music Is My Life’ in 2005, and has since been loved by songs such as ‘It Can’t Be Real’ and ‘Clockwork’ . At the moment, she is appearing in the musical ‘Frida’.

Kim Hee-hyun is a former soloist in the National Ballet Company and received the Newcomer Award at the 2013 Korean Ballet Society Competition.

Dahee Jang / Photo source: Jeonghee Lim’s personal account

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