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China News Service, Chengdu, December 9th, title: Singer Qian Baihui settles in Chengdu: Change a place to “drink coffee” without regretting the choice of the year

Reporter Wang Peng

“Chengdu is very similar to my hometown of Hsinchu. The climate is humid and the air smells of food. It seems to be back home when I was a child.” A few days ago, Taiwanese singer Qian Baihui talked about the reasons why he settled in Chengdu in an interview with a reporter from . She said that the former Qianbaihui had been “cleared” and came to live in the “land of abundance”, “drinking coffee” in a different place, and she never regretted the choice back then.

  Yearning for the mainland since childhood, the 1990 Asian Games concert became a turning point

In the 1980s, Qian Baihui became popular across the Taiwan Strait and Southeast Asia with songs such as “When I Miss You”, “Walking Through the Coffee House”, and “Amidst the Rain”. Later, she went to live in Beijing, but fell out of the music scene because of taking care of her family. Until recently, the mainland ID card was posted on the Internet, saying that “the motherland is my strong support.” The 58-year-old became the focus again.

“It has been more than 20 years since I got my (Mainland) ID card. In fact, it was just to share my life.” Qian Baihui, who was sitting in front of the reporter, wore long hair and exquisite makeup. Talking about her fate with the mainland, she recalled her teenage years.

When she was in elementary school, Qian Baihui got acquainted with the mainland in her geography class. In her history class, she saw the colorful Forbidden City and the Great Wall for the first time. It’s so beautiful. At that time, I had an idea. I must go, and I must go if I have the opportunity.”

In 1990, Qian Baihui was invited to participate in a concert on the eve of the Beijing Asian Games, and finally had the opportunity to come to Beijing. That trip to Beijing also became a turning point in her life.

“When the plane was about to arrive in Beijing in 20 minutes, my heart was pounding.” Qian Baihui recalled that when he stepped off the plane, he bounced like a child, and felt even more shocked when he stepped onto the airport expressway. “The airport expressway is huge. It’s very modern, very different from what Taiwan tells everyone.”

  The process of applying for a mainland ID card is tortuous and specially bought a ring to commemorate

Later, Qian Baihui decided to settle in Beijing and applied for a mainland ID card. She recalled that the process of applying for a mainland ID card was very tortuous and waited for several years.

“I didn’t hesitate or hesitate when I got my ID card, but I was very excited.” After getting the ID card, Qian Baihui deliberately bought a ring to commemorate him. “This is a testimony of my own inner history and a testimony of my life. “

During the interview, Qian Baihui showed reporters the ring she still wears today-red, studded with small diamonds, very shining. Since then, Qian Baihui never returned to Taiwan.

  Because I miss my hometown, I have sent words to the moon at the seaside of Xiamen many times

Having lived in the mainland for nearly 30 years, she has traveled almost every province, “I was very impressed wherever she went, and felt the different styles of each place, as well as culture, customs, and food.”

In the mainland of the motherland, there are three places that impressed Qian Baihui most: Xiamen in Fujian, Karamay in Xinjiang, and Chengdu in Sichuan.

She grew up in Hsinchu since she was a child, facing Xiamen across the sea. After coming to settle in the mainland, she often went to the beach in Xiamen because she missed her hometown, and in the middle of the night, she would send a message to the moon on the other side. Because her mother once told her to look at the moon when she was homesick, “You look at the moon, and I also look at the moon.”

In Xinjiang, Qianbaihui has witnessed the modern development of remote areas in the motherland. “Cotton mining is all mechanized, Karamay is rich in resources, and there are oil drilling rigs on the roadside.”

Do you regret that you haven’t returned to Taiwan after you settled in the mainland? Qian Baihui’s answer was categorical, “No regrets.” She said that her family members are very supportive of her choice.

Qian Baihui recalled that before his mother passed away, she had two hours of WeChat phone call with her. From the bottom of her heart, she was grateful for her mother’s support for many years.

  Continue the music life in Chengdu, use music to communicate with young people

Because there is a Sichuan restaurant next to his home, Qian Baihui has a very special affection for Chengdu since he was a child. In March this year, Qian Baihui came to Chengdu to settle and released a new song “Stay in Chengdu”.

“Sichuan people eat spicy food, the smell is very special, I walked on the street and smelled it, as if I came home.” Qian Baihui said, life in Chengdu is casual and comfortable, and I like to go shopping in my free time. Because of her mother’s influence, she has always loved coffee. “I have to drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon until now. I have coffee in different coffee houses in Chengdu, enjoying the scenery and seeing people. I feel very leisurely and very relaxing.”

Currently, Qianbaihui is preparing for the first solo concert after many years. The time is scheduled for January next year. “Music comes from life. I live in Chengdu and continue my music work. I also hope that young people now know me. .”

After publishing his mainland ID card this time, Qian Baihui gained the attention of a large number of netizens. She said that she wants to use music to tell the real world of young people in Taiwan, “Only music can move people, because music comes from life.”

“In fact, I have’cleared’ the previous Qian Baihui. I cherish it now. It is indeed a gift to receive so much attention.” As for some Taiwanese netizens “sourly” said “I don’t know her”, Qian Baihui told Sino-Singapore. Net reporter, “I think we need to make them sour, sour in the mouth and into the stomach, so that he can remember that they are Chinese.”

She also bluntly said that she will continue to live in Chengdu in the future and contribute her strength to the construction of Chengdu as the “Music City”. (over)

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